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For blinkered business owners – there really is no hope.

For blinkered business owners – there really is no hope.

Why are there so many people on this planet who do so little to improve their life?

And the business owners who simply allow their business to tick on by.

Why is that?

Year after year…

I’m lucky to have worked with many proactive, go-getting business owners.

But even for them, at times they would struggle to get things done.

For example, many business owners when asked to make 5 phone sales calls, it can be like pulling teeth. Or if you ask someone to read one of the best business books in the world – it can be tough. Or to make specific website improvements, or do specific tasks to make their business more successful.

In my experience, that inner drive for many business owners to make change is not there.

But why?

It really doesn’t need to be absent.

The drive and execution can be learnt over time, but you have to be open minded.

You don’t need to be stuck in the weeds, where you’re constantly doing the work for your clients, instead of getting more customers.

Now you may be exempt from this rant.

There are many business owners that I know personally, and many of you are disciplined, earnest, ambitious professionals. But wow, are you the exception.

And when you pause and you’re honest with yourself, there’s probably plenty of examples when you haven’t opened your mind to learn more about getting more customers, or you haven’t executed a task to help you get more customers.

I admit, there have been times when I haven’t executed, but they’re getting rarer with practice. That can be the case for you too.

It’s critical that if you want to move your business forward, if you’re serious about getting and keeping customers, you have to learn and execute!

Where you don’t make the required changes to get more customers, you’re not doing yourself any favours.

It’s not a coincidence that ALL the richest entrepreneurs I know are habitual studiers.

Their ways of doing business, their ways of thinking. Some of these guys are worth hundreds of millions.

But they’re still learning and improving.

And you need to be too.

And not just you.

Your salespeople, your every staff member, your customers even, all need constant training and re-training, constant motivation.

The learning and execution never stops.

The need never goes away.

It’s tiring when business owners insist on telling me that they just don’t have time to read, listen, study, prepare, so they waste their time chopping with a dull axe…and then wonder why they aren’t clearing the forest.

My patience for these people is unfortunately running out.

The world is changing.

It’s changed.

The successful entrepreneurs are those who spend the time getting more customers in these challenging times.

Not sitting back.

There are countless opportunities for entrepreneurs like you who are able to open their eyes and see them.

But for those who are blinkered there really is no hope.

I got an email a while back from a business owner who was so busy that he just didn’t have the time to work on his marketing.

No time to get more customers.


We’ve all only got short limited time on this planet. Every single one of us must make it count.

When was the last time you took consistent action every day to get new customers?

If you’re stuck in the weeds, with no time to get more customers, or to learn how to get and keep customers, you’ll find it’s a horrible place to be…

Never forget that there’s a direct link between your propensity to learn and implement, and your success (and wealth).

All is within your control. You get to choose.

Implementation and execution are key.

Reminder over.

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I’d be only too happy to help.

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