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How To Tell If SEO Will Work For Your Business in 2019

SEO can transform a small business, but can Search Engine Optimisation transform YOUR business? Will SEO work for you? SEO consultant Mark Reynolds from ProfitReach, a Leamington digital marketing agency, offers his advice… Read time: 9 min. Who will find the most value? Small business owners, marketing directors and marketing managers looking to build towards […]

How To Take Your Website To The Next Level (with Google Analytics)

I’ve spent weeks on end without doing it, months even. When was the last time you logged into Google Analytics? Admittedly that period of Analytics Abstinence was quite a few years back. But I knew if I wanted to increase enquiries I had to take Google Analytics seriously. I’m not going to lie. I still […]

The Top 75 Questions To Ask Google Analytics (as suggested by Google themselves)

Lots of people want an easy way to use Google Analytics. But how do you take your website to the next level with Google Analytics. What follows, is your answer. Pure gold. Next time you’re looking at all the data in Google Analytics… …instead of struggling through all the reports… …simply ask a question. Google […]

What Is The Buyer’s Journey?

The buyer’s journey is also sometimes called the customer journey. It’s a crucial element to marketing planning and should be a key foundation underpinning how to attract, engage, nurture and get people to take action. Four Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey There are four stages in your buyer’s journey, and this diagram below beautifully illustrates […]

Boost Sales & Revenue in 2019: How To Create A Company-Wide Shared Revenue Goal

This post is for business owners, marketing directors/managers and sales directors/managers.  To achieve your business goals, you need sales and marketing to come behind a single company-wide shared revenue goal. You need a sales enablement strategy. But how do you create the revenue goal that’s such an important part of a sales enablement? 1. Bring […]

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