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How To Turn Website Enquiries Into Sales in 2019 (6x Boost Revenue)

This post is for business owners, marketing directors/managers and sales directors/managers.  Wouldn’t you love a new way to make the selling easier in ? If you’re like me and you invest time and money to generate website enquiries for businesses, you want those prospects to get a stunning experience. But it doesn’t always happen. Imagine […]
Mark Reynolds Meets Lord Seb Coe

Lord Seb Coe’s Inspirational Story – Stick To The Vision

“Who the &$#? was that.” That’s what Lord Coe said he thought, when in Prague 1977, as he was approaching the finish line, an East German athlete overtook him and super competitor Ovett to win out of nowhere. Coe got a bronze. “You know that your competitors are going along smoothly, and then suddenly a […]
Google Shopping search result for Argos product

How To Add Seller Ratings To Boost Google Ad Clicks by 10%

As a Google Advertiser, add seller ratings to your ads and you will stand out. More people will click, especially if other Google PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads don’t have the stars. Your ads will stand out. Seller ratings are a sure-fire way to improve your ad performance. What are Seller Ratings? Every so often a Google ad […]

How To Effectively Prove Adwords is Making You Money (or Not!)

Is Adwords working for your business? Do you truly know? Or do you just have a gut feeling that it may or may not be? How do you prove if Adwords is making you money? This article will give you confidence to immediately find out whether Adwords is working for you or not. This will […]

[VIDEO]: Google Tests New Box Layout PLUS Deeper Sitelinks for No.1 Position

27th August 2013 Testing new user interfaces is not unusual for Google and I’m now seeing quite a dramatic new test on Google search results which puts a lot more focus on the number 1 position. A similar layout was spotted in recent days, but this time it also includes clickable areas which reveal further […]
Background colour of text preview changed to black in new Google Instant Previews

Google Announces New Instant Previews

28th September 2011 Google has announced the new version of its Instant Previews feature, which I discussed in August during Google’s testing. The new mouse-over feature makes it easier to quickly view previews of websites in the search results without having to visit the website first. The change from Google’s last version of Instant Previews […]

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