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Background colour of text preview changed to black in new Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Preview Mouse Over Released

25th September 2011 Google has announced the new version of its Instant Previews feature, which we discussed in August during Google’s testing. The new mouse-over feature makes it easier to quickly view previews of websites in the search results without having to visit the website first. The change from Google’s last version of Instant Previews […]
New Pane/Preview for Google Instant Previews

Google Tests New Instant Previews & Moves Google +1 Button

24th August 2011 UPDATE (23rd September 2011): The new Google Instant Preview version has now launched. Today we came across what looks like a test from Google to improve the look and functionality of the Google Instant Previews feature in its search results. In the test, when you hover over any part of a result, […]

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