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How to defeat ‘marketing procrastination’ in 2020 (an instant cure)

Do you sometimes find yourself putting off important tasks over and over again? If you do, you’re definitely not on your own! Most people tend to procrastinate to some degree but apparently around 20% of people allow procrastination to stop them fulfilling their potential… and that’s the kiss of death for anyone in business. Especially […]

How to ‘think like your customer’ to make the selling easier in 2020

On a coaching call with a client last month we came up with a real killer promotion for one particular business in their group. They went away and implemented it and the results have been staggering. Game changing. A five figure cash sum banked in less than ten days. Result. “How do you come up […]

For blinkered business owners – there really is no hope.

Why are there so many people on this planet who do so little to improve their life? And the business owners who simply allow their business to tick on by. Why is that? Year after year… I’m lucky to have worked with many proactive, go-getting business owners. But even for them, at times they would […]

How to take responsibility in 2020 (and get more customers)

I talk a lot about responsibility. It’s a re-occurring theme because it’s absolutely critical to achieving big success, yet so many business people that I meet willingly give away responsibility for their future and for their lives. They do it sub-consciously most of the time. It comes out and shows itself though, in how they […]

How ‘getting things done’ in 2020 can increase sales (and change your life)

Q: As an entrepreneur and business owner, what do you get paid for? A: Your ability to get things done. Think about that this week. The big earners, the super-successful, the stars in every industry or sector, simply get more stuff done. Too many entrepreneurs are too ineffective at implementation. They plot and plan. They […]

Could vs Should: How to do marketing for the right reasons in 2020

There are lots and lots of things that you CAN do to market your business. But just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD do it. Do what you do for the right reasons. Be wary of investing in things because they are popular, or are ‘what everybody else does’. You get […]

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