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How to say “Thank you for supporting my small business”

How to say “Thank you for supporting my small business”

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

Mother Teresa

As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to create stronger client connections that will ultimately lead to more sales.


Learning how to say “thank you for supporting my small business” might just be the most powerful tool at your disposal. 

Feel a little sceptical about the impact that this can have on new and existing customers?

This guide will reveal all you need to know about the whys, whats, and hows of how to thank clients in small business.

Why Should You Send A “Thank You” Message To Customers?

Thanking customers is something that many businesses do purely out of politeness.

However, your SME doesn’t have time to waste, so good manners alone aren’t enough. Frankly, if a process won’t benefit your bottom line or stability, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Sending a quick thank you isn’t just good for karma, it’s great for business.

Fun fact. 96% of customers state that feeling valued plays a key role in their brand loyalty habits. While competitive pricing does play a role, the way your business treats clients will be equally crucial. Here are some other key stats that highlight the benefits 

  • 73% of companies that are ‘above average’ for customer experience will see bigger profits than those that fall short.
  • 86% of consumers will pay more for a product if the brand offers a better customer experience.
  • Boosting customer retention by just 5%, it translates to an average revenue increase of 25%.
  • More consumers 26% feel primarily loyal to brands than those (21%) who feel loyal to the products.
  • Nine in 10 customers will complete more than one purchase from brands that they trust and like.

If something as simple as a “thank you” can make a customer feel more valued, it will ultimately lead to increased conversions and retention. Besides, feeling appreciated puts you in a happier mood, which naturally pushes consumers towards a buying mindset.

When Should You Send “Thank You” Messages To Clients?

Appreciating the power of your words and gestures is one thing, but knowing when to use them is another altogether.

It’s not simply a case of saying “thanks” after the sale.

The consumer’s journey to conversion encounters several key stages; Awareness, Familiarity, Consideration, Purchase, and Loyalty.

For the best results, you’ll want to show your appreciation at every stage of the process.

Therefore, the examples of times that you’ll want to thank customers includes, but is not limited to;

  • When a potential lead signs up to website notifications or your email newsletters.
  • If someone follows your social media channels and shows interest in the brand.
  • When a prospective lead reaches out with an initial call or to get a quote.
  • After you’ve met them at a consultation, trade show, or any other Consideration setting.
  • Following their sign-up for a free trial of your products or services.
  • Following the initial sale, such as welcoming your new customer to the brand’s family.
  • After working with them, even if they haven’t completed a purchase at this stage.
  • If they complete a repeat purchase or upgrade their level of service.

In addition to showing your appreciation at various stages of the individual consumer journey, you will want to thank clients after they recommend your company to a friend, relative, or follower. After all, 90% of consumers believe what they hear from their friends and family.

When you go above and beyond to truly WOW your small business’s customers by making them feel valued members of the brand story, you will create a far stronger family.

In turn, they will want to play an active role in your development.

How Do You Thank Someone For Supporting Your Business?

If you’re looking for the most effective solutions for how to thank clients in small business, you should set out to achieve the following objectives;

  • Ensure that the consumer takes note of the message.
  • Find creative ways to say thank you, to keep your brand in the user’s mind for the long haul.
  • Make sure any message that you send will feel heartfelt and honest.
  • Use messages that also edge them towards a sale, repeat sale, or long-term loyalty.

So, what are the best ways to say “thank you for supporting my small business” without falling into a situation that could be viewed as aggressive marketing?

In truth, the only limit is your own creativity. Nevertheless, the following examples should provide inspiration.

Send automated emails

There are plenty of email templates that can be designed to send emails to potential leads and customers whenever they complete an intended action. It’s important to design the emails so that they feel personalised.

Meanwhile, you should create different emails for each stage of the online journey. Always include a “thank you for supporting my small business” line in each message.

Send handwritten cards

Emails are great, but won’t make you stand out.

Handwritten cards are something of a dying art, but that personal touch is what will leave a far bigger impression. If your handwriting isn’t great, you can always ask your receptionist or PA to do it.

An example may read “Dear [name], thank you for your order, we really appreciate your continued support of [my business name]. Warm wishes, [my name]”

Send a small gift

A thank you card can be accompanied with small gifts. This is a great option because it gives you a chance to use promotional gifts for added marketing functions and to promote a sense of value.

The gift could even incorporate a “thank you” design.

Send a video message

Taking a few minutes to send a one-to-one video message shows that you value them enough to put your time into it. This is a great way to build a rapport and help consumers put a face to the brand too.

This can be delivered via email, social media, or any other online communication. As well as thanking the consumer, you can promote a product or service that you think they will like.

The 6-Steps to Saying: “Thank you for supporting my small business”

Knowing how to thank your small business clients can be a very powerful tool. To summarise;

  1. Personalised thank yous, rewarding customer loyalty, and just taking the time to share your appreciation for their support, all help to build a relationship with your audience and show you value them.
  2. By showing you genuinely care about your customer, you strengthen their trust in you.
  3. Because you show appreciation for your customers, they are more likely to recommend your business to friends and colleagues. People who they trust and value.
  4. When you are authentic, and truly value your customers, they tend to return in kind and will choose your business time and time again.
  5. Saying thank you also means listening. If you listen to your customers, you not only make them feel more valued, you can help to meet their needs/solve their problems.
  6. People love to share images online. If you send a token of thanks, your customers are more likely to talk about and tag you in their social media.

Ultimately, the use of effective thank you notes and appreciative messages can fire conversions, retention rates, and customer lifetime values to the next level.

If you do it well, it will not only make you feel good, this will boost your bottom line.

Whether you do it in person or online, remember to show your gratitude. It’s not just great for the sake of politeness, it’s great for business too.

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