Mark Reynolds, Website/SEO Consultant

Leamington Spa, near Coventry, Warwickshire

Mark Reynolds – Founder of ProfitReach

I’m a Website/SEO Consultant based in Leamington Spa near Coventry, Warwickshire ★ I enhance and create engaging, Google optimised websites – loved by searchers.

  • I build results driven, customer focused, SEO’d websites
  • My career since 2002 has focused entirely on generating web enquiries for businesses via their website and online marketing.
  • I built my first website in 1998
  • Started SEO’ing websites in early 2000s
  • In 2005 used Google Adwords for first time
  • Founded my digital marketing agency in 2007

How I Can Help You

As a Website/Google Consultant I work with many small businesses across Warwickshire and Bristol to increase website leads and sales.

  • Google/SEO Consultant
  • Google Analytics Consultant
  • Web Design Consultant
  • Google Ads Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Consultant/Strategist
  • SEO/PPC/Email Marketing Specialist

I love to enhance and create engaging, Google optimised websites – loved by searchers, customers and business owners.

I’m here to help if you want a higher number of relevant visitors to your website, or if you want to convert more visitors into leads and sales.

If your primary focus is your target audience, website visitors, prospects and customers, I can help you engage and motivate them to take action.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Design
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • Website Optimisation / Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Google Ads Management
  • Email Marketing

About Mark Reynolds

I designed my first website in 1998 in my first year at university.

It was basic.

I never guessed website design would be the main focus of my career. But it would prove to play a huge role.

In early 2002, 6 months after graduating with First Class Honours, I started to design websites professionally – back when Google was only 4 years old.

Google's 2002 Homepage - the year when Mark Reynolds started professionally designing and marketing websites.
Google’s 2002 Homepage

Since then I’ve single-handedly designed and built 100s of websites and landing pages.

I worked for a couple of small businesses in those early years. I managed everything to do with the websites, including promotion using SEO, Google Ads and desktop email marketing software.

In 2005 I started using Google Ads (or Google Adwords as it was then known). From that moment I’ve helped over 40 businesses to advertise on Google – with the aim to increase leads & enquiries, improve lead quality and grow sales.

From 2006-2009 I was the Online Marketing & Web Manager for Ecovision, a company that designs, supplies and installs renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses across the UK, including the Highgrove Estate, the home of Prince Charles.

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How ProfitReach Started in 2007

In 2007 I spotted an opportunity.

It was time for a change.

New websites were being designed by web agencies, and they weren’t that good. Business owners were investing their hard earned money…and weren’t getting much for it.

I knew I could do better.

I created ProfitReach.

I started part-time to lower the risk. Then in 2009 I handed in my notice and went for it.

10 years later I still had some of my original clients, including Yate Town Council.

Over the years I became a Virtual Digital Marketing Agency.

I worked from my home office (which I’ve always loved) and built a team of dependable and trusted UK web specialists.

I call on them if I have capacity issues or if I need a specific skill set. The strategic planning has always done by me, and the majority of the hands on work.

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A little bit about me

  • I was born in the same small house where J.K. Rowling near Bristol, UK, a cottage hospital (I don’t have a scar my my forehead!).
  • I graduated from the University of Lincoln, UK, with First Class Honours.
  • Along with three talented student colleagues I won a Regional Royal Television Society Award for the documentary ‘Battered Cod’, which I produced.
  • Volunteering has been a big part of my life. I volunteered for a local sports club ever since I was a little boy – teaching children to play cricket.
  • In 2004 my cricket volunteering work led to me being awarded England & Wales’ Young Volunteer of the Year Award by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) at the NatWest Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs).

Mark live on BBC Radio Bristol following winning National Volunteer Award - Lords' Media Centre
Mark live on BBC Radio Bristol from the Media Centre at Lords’ cricket ground following winning a national OSCA award.

  • In 2005 I was excited to be one of 4 judges for the 2006 NatWest Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs) at Lords. We were tasked with choosing the national winners across multiple categories.
  • From 2006-2008, in a busy period of my life, I worked part-time for the England and Wales Cricket Board alongside my full-time marketing career. I gave advice on educating, recruiting and rewarding volunteers to cricket clubs across the South West of England.
  • In 2009 I was presented with an ICC Centenary Medal by the International Cricket Council, the international governing body for cricket. The ICC Centenary Medal recognises a group of people who are instrumental to the running of the game – the volunteers. It was presented by Mike Gatting, former England cricket captain.

Former England Captain Mike Gatting Presenting Award From The International Cricket Council to Mark
Former England Captain Mike Gatting Presenting Award From The International Cricket Council to Mark

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Where Do I Get My Inspiration?

Inspiration is such an important part of life and growing a business.

I’ve been lucky to meet some remarkable people with hugely inspiring advice.

Like Baroness Karren Brady, the British business woman, who’s also well know from the BBC’s apprentice. You can read about when I met Baroness Karren Brady here.

Baroness Karren Brady meets Mark Reynolds, Founder of Profit Reach

There was Sir Steve Redgrave who is a remarkable person with a spectacular story.

He won gold medals at 5 consecutive Olympic games (WOW!!), but his story of how he planned his Sydney gold really opened my eyes. Read more about the day I met Sir Steve here.

Sir Steven Redgrave with Mark Reynolds, Founder of ProfitReach

Then I met millionaire businessman Nick Jenkins from BBC’s Dragon’s Den who also has an astonishing story. Read my blog post to see why Nick Jenkins of BBC Dragons’ Den fame inspires me.


I was lucky to meet Lord Sebastian Coe too. He headed the London 2012 bid and the following London 2012 Olympic games. He also has an astonishing story. Read my blog post from the day I met and listened to Lord Coe.

“Vision must be in the DNA of your organisation. You’re permanently at cross roads where the judgement is between budget and creativity. At the start of the Olympic journey we said we’re going to stick to the vision – a guiding North Star.

Mark Reynolds Meets Lord Seb Coe

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About Us

We make it easier and faster for businesses to get more customers online.

It’s frustrating when your website and digital marketing don’t attract & convert the customers you need. Why are big opportunities being missed? How should you invest resources? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you get more customers & grow your business using the Internet.