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“Buying from you should be the easiest decision they make all day.”

Mark Reynolds (right) with Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer - top guy!
Mark Reynolds (I’m the one on the right)

Hey, great to have you here.

My name’s Mark Reynolds (that’s me on the right in the photo).

I help companies like yours become the most trusted voice in their field; standing out in an increasingly crowded space, like never before, to authentically earn more customers.

Using two proven sales/marketing frameworks, I consult, coach and deliver workshops to help you attract more qualified leads, close more sales in a quicker time, and grow your bottom line.

I’m a Digital Sales/Marketing Coach, – trained and certified by Marcus Sheridan of ‘They Ask, You Answer‘ fame. I’ve worked my entire career (23+ years) helping small businesses just like yours to get and keep more customers.

Here’s the abridged version of what we do:

📈 Results: Make the Selling Easier | More Qualified Leads/Prospects | Close Deals Faster | More High Paying Customers | Happier Customers | Improved Customer & Employee Retention

💡 Offering: Coaching & Consulting. Audits. Facilitation. Tailored Workshops for Marketing & Digital Sales.

🔑 Key Areas of Training/Coaching/Consulting:  Lead Generating Website/Youtube Content | 1-2-1 Personalised Video Email | Virtual Selling (Teams/Zoom) | Content that Sells | Video for Sales | Assignment Selling | Alignment between Sales & Marketing Teams | Sales Communication | Maximising Sales with AI & Tech | SEO / Google Business Profiles / Google Maps | Google Ads | Website User Experience

🌟 Ideal for: B2B/B2C Product/Service Sales Teams (1-20 members)

“Be the expert they wish everyone was. Answer their questions before they even ask. Give them the knowledge to make an informed decision.”

My Story

In the early 2000s, at the very beginning of my career, I was employed consecutively by two small businesses, helping them reach new customers.

It was incredibly rewarding, but I also saw that many companies needed more tailored solutions. Websites were often poorly design, and marketing didn’t speak to their specific audience.

With my background in web design, SEO, and Google Ads, I knew I could offer small business owners a more personalised, results-driven approach.

That’s why I founded my own business ProfitReach, in 2007.

Initially, I focused on delivering the tailored web design, SEO, and Google Ads solutions I knew small businesses desperately needed.

As I worked with more clients, a pattern emerged.

Even with a great website and effective marketing, many business owners lacked the in-house knowledge to fully leverage these tools.

They needed deeper guidance on strategy, best practices, and how to adapt their digital presence as their business grew. Many struggled how to get more qualified traffic from Google, and how to increase conversions on their website.

Recognising this, I began offering consulting services, sharing the insights I’d gained over the years.

The demand for this knowledge-sharing only increased.

I developed training programs and workshops, empowering business owners to take more control of their own digital sales and marketing success.

Most recently, my coaching services have grown organically.

Clients appreciate the one-on-one support, where I can tailor strategies specifically to their unique business models and goals.

My journey has been one of constant evolution, always driven by a desire to provide the most impactful solutions for the small businesses I’m passionate about helping.

If this resonates, book your free discovery call today to see if we’re a good fit.

My mission in 2024 and beyond

Throughout the years, I’ve seen the digital landscape change dramatically, and with it buying habits have changed significantly.

We’ve all been on both sides of the equation.

We’re business owners and consumers.

So for a moment, think about how different your own buying habits are today compared to 25 years ago.

Let me now ask you a question.

Are buyers changing?

Of course they are.

You’re changing.

I’m changing.

Just think how much we’ve all changed over the last 25 years.

Back then, we picked up a Yellow Pages, phoned a company, and a salesperson would educate us.

Today, as buyers, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips.

When we buy today, we are vetting companies and products to death.

As buyers we want to build our own picture of a company and its products/services, before a salesperson gets involved.

Studies show that the typical buyer is on average, 80% through the buyer’s journey, by the time they reach out to the company.

That’s 80% of the purchasing decision already made, before they reach out to you.


Will that 80% number go down?

No of course not.

It’s only going to go up, especially with AI getting more heavily involved in the buying journey.

What does this all mean?

The way we all buy has changed, and yet most businesses are still selling and marketing in the traditional ways.

If your business wants success, the way you sell and market must change too.

It means if we’re going to be successful as businesses, we’ve got to win the 80%.

And the only way you’re going to do that, is to give buyers during that 80% what they want, address their questions, their worries and fears.

Don’t force them to do it your way.

Don’t force them to talk to a salesperson.

Allow them to feel completely comfortable.

Because once your buyers are comfortable (and remember none of us want buyers remorse) –  and all that buying doubt is removed, you’ve achieved that magical emotion called trust

…and in the end it’s that trust that is going to get them to reach out to you.

And that trust means that:

  1. More often than not, you being the first company they reach out to.
  2. More often than not, you being the only company they reach out to.
  3. Your leads become a much higher quality.
  4. The selling becomes easier, with shorter buying cycles.
  5. You attract more of your ideal customers.
  6. Prospects pay the asking price, without asking for discounts.
  7. More of them buy premium products/services.
  8. More happy customers who stay with you and evangelise.

TRUST is THE magical emotion.

And I’m here to help you get more of it.

Where are you on this journey?

Most businesses are still clinging to old-school sales tactics. But the truth is, by the time someone talks to a salesperson, most of their decision is already made.

They’ve been researching online, on your website, on competitor sites.

That’s where the battle is fought now.

That’s why I do what I do – I help companies like yours bridge that gap.

I guide you to become the  trusted authority in your field, the ones who answer your customers’ questions before they’re even asked.

We do this with our workshops, training and coaching, helping you to create laser-focused content, with sales and marketing strategies that feel genuine, not pushy.

It’s about building real connections, fostering trust.

This kind of approach doesn’t just get you more leads, it gets you the right leads, the kind that turn into loyal, raving fans of your business.

If this resonates, I’ll be happy to answer your questions on a call or please send me a message.

So, for a moment, imagine a world where your target audience don’t just buy from you, they truly believe in what you and your business has to offer.

The buyer finds you on Google.

They consume the truly helpful content on your website that answers their buying questions.

They’re impressed by the open, honest, non-salesy, truly transparent approach, like you’re 100% on their side. No one else has answered their questions in this way.

Their fear of making a buying mistake is subsiding.

They get in touch with your first. They’re excited about how you could help them. They’re still slightly wary, but their confidence is high.

The selling is so much easier. They buy from you. They have zero regret. They become the happiest customers you’ve ever had.

“Don’t dictate the decision, equip them to make it.”

This all happens when you earn your target audience’s trust by educating them in ways no-one else is doing.

I’m your guide, and I’ll show you how to earn trust like never before, using proven sales and marketing frameworks. These frameworks are actually in use by the UK’s and USA’s top small businesses.

No BS. I only deal in truly honest ways of helping you connect with your target audience.

My mission is to help your business forge genuine connections with your ideal customers, built on this foundation of trust

Where marketing and sales aren’t tricks, but tools to create lasting relationships

That’s the kind of transformation I guide businesses towards with my coaching and consulting services.

Over the last 25 years, the way people buy has changed.

And yet most businesses are still selling the traditional way.

With a proven framework, adopted by the top UK/USA small businesses, I’ll help you embrace the latest marketing and sales strategies and technology to close more deals.

By focusing on authenticity and transparency, we’ll turn your company into a magnet for the customers you truly want to serve.

Together, we’ll create honest marketing and sales that not only attracts new leads but truly inspires them to take action, and become happy customers.

Of course, this might not suit every company.

But if this resonates, I’ll be happy to answer your questions on a call or please send me a message.

“Don’t hide the details, illuminate them. Let your honesty be your competitive advantage.”

Here’s WHY we do what we do:


The way we buy has changed.

In a significant way.

As I mentioned – most businesses are still selling and marketing the traditional way.

There have been numerous B2B and B2C buyer behaviour studies from organisations like Forrester Research, that tell us that 80% of the buyer’s journey has already taken place before a buyer/consumer first gets in contact with you…

…before they fill in a form, pick up a phone or come into your showroom.

80% of the buyer’s journey completed, before you even speak to a prospect.

Let that sink in.

The 80% number may be higher in some industries and lower in others, but 80% is the average.

Now let’s put ourselves back 20-25 years ago, before we saw the huge influence of the Internet on buying behaviour.

Imagine you’re researching the purchase of a product or service. And let’s say your first step is to pick up a Yellow pages and call the company.

How much of the buyer’s journey had taken place before that phone call 20-25 years ago?

When I ask audiences, they generally tell me 20-30%.

So if 20-30% of the buyer’s journey on average had taken place before buyers/consumers contacted a business 20 years ago, and it’s 80% today, how much of the buyer’s journey on average will be completed in just 5 years from now with technology moving so quickly?



The important part is not the number, it’s that the traditional sales team’s influence on the buyer has already significantly reduced, and it will reduce even more.

20 years ago, it was the salesperson who answered your questions, and controlled the conversation.

But today, who has more influence on the buyer’s’ journey? Is it your sales team? Or marketing team?

The above studies tell us that it’s marketing who has the biggest influence. And yet who gets laid off first in tough times? Marketing. And who is hired first when companies are looking for growth. Sales.

Do companies have this the right way around? Is it more true that the boundaries between sales and marketing have blurred like never before, or even completely disappeared?

So how do our sales teams get more influence over buyers?

That’s where ProfitReach comes in.

With our guidance, transform the way you engage and earn buyer trust online and in the sales process — become the most trusted voice in your space.

If this resonates, I’ll be happy to answer your questions on a call or please send me a message.

We typically work with companies that have sales and marketing teams of varying sizes (from just 1 person to 20+). They often have these things in common:

  • A sales team that could be doing better.
  • Eager to close sales faster.
  • Unsure about their sales and marketing strategy.
  • Plateauing website traffic, leads, and sales.
  • Not making the most of video and written content on website and in the sales process.
  • Tired of relying on a marketing agency without seeing the results.

If you’re facing low sales, lost buyers, or are simply seeking sustainable growth, could it be time to invest in your team and watch them grow?

We train sales & marketing teams to build buyer trust and to excel in communication throughout the buying journey. Obsess about buyer behaviour, gain trust, increase leads & sales, and sustainably grow your business.

To understand who we are, our background and how we can help you, it’s important to understand this first:

“If we knew how many potential customers we miss out on, it would make us sick for sure.”

Buyer behaviour has changed significantly, and it’s the companies that recognise this change who will grow and become more successful.

Do you want to keep selling the way you’ve always done?

Do you want to leave it to the sales call to educate the buyer? Even though your sales team have significantly less influence in the buyer’s journey – most buyers won’t get in touch. If you’ve looked at your website analytics, you’ll see the huge visitor numbers that never convert.

Today’s buyers are savvy.

If you’re researching a purchase where do you often go first? Google?

And if the website selling the thing doesn’t provide the information you’re looking for, do you generally pick up the phone and call the company?

Or do you get frustrated, go back to Google, and find the information on another website?

And when you find the information you’re looking for, what does that business get from you? They get your money right? Or at least the critical first contact to give you a real advantage over your competition.

“The best marketing is the truth. Be upfront, be honest, and let your product or service speak for itself.”

How can we help your sales team get more influence on the buyer/consumer?

We train, coach and facilitate leadership, sales and marketing teams to earn trust and to communicate more effectively online, using written and video content, and other forms of technology.

Together, we will:

  • make the selling easier,
  • shorten the sales cycle,
  • get more traffic, leads, sales and revenue.

Our work is proven across B2C and B2B industries.

We help your sales and marketing teams work closer together to make sure the knowledge of your sales people is earning trust and increasing sales.

If that sounds interesting, book a no-pressure initial call, send us an email, or if you know of a company who we could help, please let us know.

“Don’t manipulate, educate. Empower your customers, and they’ll empower your sales.”

What services do we offer?

We want the best case studies, and we find time after time, the biggest impact comes from training your leadership, sales and marketing teams in-house rather than you outsourcing.

You can hire us to deliver a workshop (online or in-person), with the goal of training your leadership, sales and marketing teams, and getting everyone on board, to get buy-in across your leadership, sales and marketing teams.

Through our coaching programme, we help clients implement a proven framework that has brought success to companies across the world.

We also offer Google Ads management services.

What does SUCCESS look like?


  • Ongoing website improvement so it’s easier to use for your buyers.
  • Easy-to-find Learning Centre and pricing information
  • Increased conversions by optimising the perfect buyer journey – based on data insights.

The Big 5

  • Consistently publishing revenue-driving Big 5 articles (covering buyer’s most important buying questions)
  • Sales team and content team work closely together
  • In-depth buyer guides for educated decisions
  • Improvements in organic traffic, keyword rankings, and inbound leads

Self-Service Tools

  • User-friendly website for buyers to tailor learning and self-qualify
  • Pricing tools like estimators and ROI calculators
  • Sales team recognises the value of self-selection tools (allowing buyers to see if they’re a good fit, before they reach out).

In-House Content Management

  • Dedicated full-time content manager (if you’re truly serious)
  • 5x They Ask, You Answer articles published weekly – with AI, it’s straightforward to publish high quality content if you need what you’re doing.
  • Data-driven approach to measure impact

The Selling 7

  • Utilising the Visual Sale for buyer engagement
  • Various types of videos published on the website and YouTube channel
  • Dedicated full-time videographer

Assignment Selling

  • Sales team uses learning materials effectively
  • Improved sales metrics through buyer education
  • Shortened sales cycle and higher closing rates

Sales Adoption

  • Sales team embraces They Ask, You Answer principles
  • Knowledge of They Ask, You Answer and The Visual Sale books
  • Trained in best practices for personalised video and video sales calls

The Revenue Team

  • Sales and marketing teams share revenue-driving priorities
  • Regular meetings for cross-departmental communication
  • Understanding of content’s impact on attracting customers and closing deals

Sales and Marketing Tools

  • Integrated CRM with marketing tools and analytics
  • Tracking sales, revenue, and profit impacts from content
  • Sales team values CRM as a crucial sales tool

Company Alignment

  • Embracing buyer-focused teaching and selling methods
  • Adapting to changing marketing and sales landscape
  • Committed to becoming the leading educational resource in the industry

“Your product isn’t for everyone. Be clear about who it IS for, and they’ll find you.”

How soon can we see a return-on-investment?

This is a sales-led imitative that works throughout the whole buyer’s journey – from your website, to your entire sales process.

By implementing what we teach in our coaching programme, your sales team will start to see an immediate impact on sales.

Sales enablement is a huge part of this. Sales enablement is a way to help salespeople do their job better by providing them with the right tools, resources, and support.

“Buying decisions shouldn’t be a gamble. Provide the information they need to feel secure.”

This can include things like training, sharing useful content (written and video content), and using technology to make selling easier.

The main goal of our training is to help salespeople connect better with customers, understand their needs, to educate and build trust with the buyer, and ultimately sell more products or services.

The way we teach sales enablement has proven to shorten sales cycles.

The level of ROI in our coaching programme depends on many factors, and we see a great positive change in how you work in the first 90 days. This has a direct impact on how quickly you’re closing sales.

There’s a snowball effect, with returns significantly growing over the first 6 months as your teams get more effective. Beyond the first 6 months, if your leadership and teams implement well, this is transformational to many businesses.

Our goal is for you to stop working with us after 18-20 months, once you’re ready to go it alone.

But first, we’ll work together to make sure all the cogs are well oiled to get your sales and marketing teams’ engines bringing the sales in.

For your marketing, we will also see a significant growth in website traffic as buyers see you’re a company they can trust.

  • Buyers realise they don’t need to go anywhere else.
  • You become the number one authority.
  • You’re teaching them everything they need to learn about the products/services they want to buy.
  • You’re the one they choose to speak to first, and buy from.

“Be the brand that answers the questions others are afraid to.”

Google sees what you’re doing on your website too and we find that website traffic begins to grow over the first 6 months, with significant gains over the first 12 months, 18 months and 24 months.

There are a great number of case studies that show the return on investment is substantial.

Some of the organisations I’m working with

We’ve been working with a small business owner for the last 18 months, and together we’ve increased sales by 111% year on year (£six-figure revenue), with a reliable flow of high-paying customers.

Also, we work with Martin Bruno and Uwe Hanneck, CEO at The Kbsa, the UK’s leading association for Independent Kitchen Retailers.

When they need advice on Websites, SEO and Content Marketing, with the goal of improving their service to their members, the Kbsa has come to us.

The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association is made up of independent, local retailers and over 100 of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

We work with a wide range of UK B2C and B2B businesses, mainly those with £1m-£5m annual revenue, with sales and marketing teams of all sizes (often from as little as 1 on a team, to 20).

When our long term client Bristol Bifold was bought by a competitor in 2019, they immediately hired us. The reason given by the new MD was: “£1.5 million in annual sales was generated directly by the website you created, promoted and maintained, so you’re obviously doing it right. That’s why we want to hire you.

If you need it, we’re here to give you the honest and transparent training and advice that will help you earn more trust, close more sales, get more customers from Google and from your website.

Sounds interesting? Please email me. I’m based in Warwickshire, but I help businesses across the UK, as well as closer to the office, Birmingham, London, Bristol and anywhere in between.

More about ProfitReach

ProfitReach was founded by Mark Reynolds in 2007, specialising in Google Ads, SEO and Content Marketing for UK businesses.

Mark leads the training, so if you work with us Mark will be the main person you work with.

Today, video is a huge part of marketing and sales success for small businesses, and video production was the focus of Mark’s First Class Honours degree. In addition to marketing and sales, Mark’s background in video has helped to set him apart.

Whilst at uni in 2001, along with three talented student colleagues, he even won a Regional Royal Television Society Award for the documentary ‘Battered Cod’, look at the plight of north sea cod stocks, which Mark produced.

“It’s exciting that in the last 10 years, video for small businesses has taken off. My love of video production at school and university, now plays an important role in training sales and marketing teams to connect with their buyers.”

Since 2002, we’ve helped small business owners increase customers, profit, and satisfaction. Our hands-on background in small business marketing now sets us apart in training your teams. We’ve lived the challenges and the solutions, we’re not passing on someone else’s methodologies.

Before we began to focus in 2015 on delivering consulting services, training, workshops, and strategy planning, we successfully launched numerous websites, SEO campaigns, and managed Google Ads, Mailchimp, and social media ads, adapting to their constant changes.

We’ve assisted various UK B2C and B2B small businesses in expanding their customer base.

We’d be happy to have a no-pressure conversation about how we can help your business, regardless of your location in the UK.

Which other companies have benefited from working with ProfitReach?

Take small business owner Dan Radford from EDEMO Electric Bikes.

Dan lives and breathes e-bikes that he and his team lovingly sell from between £5k-£10k. He was referred to us by his commercial landlord who we had also helped with the marketing of his bespoke kitchen business.

When we first spoke with Dan, he was interested in our help to get more customers via their Google Ads.

It turned out that we could help him with many other parts of their marketing, not just Google Ads, but designing and building the new website for EDEMO Electric Bikes and training/advising EDEMO to produce the right type of video and written content that turns buyers/consumers into customers.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

Mark was recommended to us by one of his previous clients. We contacted him to discuss how we could improve our Google ads.

Following an indepth review of our business, we have come away with a far more targetted and considered plan of attack for our marketing this year involving lots of other marketing tools. We would not have achieved this without Mark's expert guidence. Needless to say, we are continuing to work with him.

Dan Radford - EDEMO Electric Bikes

Dan Radford

Owner, EDEMO Electric Bikes

I love situations like Dan’s. EDEMO’s product and service will change people lives (as will yours in some way).

EDEMO’s ideal buyers were out there. They really needed his products and service. But without our input, they were tending to go to his competitors instead.

It’s our job to work together to give buyers what they need, to help connect them with EDEMO’s awesome electric bikes and service.

Because simply, it’d be a crying shame if they never discovered Dan and EDEMO.

And that’s what we did, and are still doing.

Don’t just take my word for it…

It’s a pleasure working with Mark. The more you work with him the more you see the dedication to delivering to your key business goals.

His understanding of the digital environment for SEO and Google Analytics with his clearly proven track record at a B2B and B2C environment is excellent. I highly recommend Mark from his own company Profit Reach. You are in good proven and reliable digital hands.

John Fitzgerald from Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

John Fitzgerald

Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

"After Mark's work we’ve had a 425% increase in the number of website and landing page visitors who go on to request a quote from us."

"Do you know what, I’ve always avoided spending lots of money on websites, but then I worked out how much money we’d wasted on ineffective marketing and just went with Mark. It’s worth it. Having built the original website ourselves and 'dealt' with the 'Conversion Rate Optimisation', it was a big relief to know that it was being taken care of, and being taken care of properly, allowing me to carry on working on other areas of the business."

Simon Lippett, Bristol Bifold

Simon Lippett

Managing Director, Bristol Bifold, UK

"The work Mark did on our product pages generated £30k of sales, that's just one product page with up to a 4.35% eCommerce conversion rate."

"We are extremely pleased with our eCommerce PPC results. As well as managing Google Ads for us, Mark optimised the product pages he had previously built. We know that the big brands pump money into this sort of thing and are getting just over 3% conversion rate so we're really happy with 4.35% conversion rate. We'd certainly recommend Mark for PPC/Google Ads and to improve your eCommerce product pages. Our eCommerce PPC campaigns with landing pages brought a Return-on-Advertising-Spend (ROAS) of 312%, which gives us a lot of potential for the future - we're very happy with that."

Mike Hicks

General Manager, Penntree Pallets, nr Yate, Bristol, UK

Getting to know Mark Reynolds

It all started with a website

ProfitReach owner, Mark Reynolds, designed his first website in 1998 in his first year at university.

It was basic.

“I never guessed website design would be the main focus of my career. But it would prove to play a huge role.”

In early 2002, 6 months after graduating with First Class Honours, Mark started to design websites professionally – back when Google was only 4 years old.

Google's 2002 Homepage - the year when Mark Reynolds started professionally designing and marketing websites.
Google’s 2002 Homepage

Since then he’s single-handedly designed and built 100s of websites and landing pages.

He worked for a couple of small businesses in those early years, managing everything to do with the websites, including promotion using SEO, Google Ads and desktop email marketing software (before the likes of Mailchimp).

In 2005 Mark started using Google Ads (or Google Adwords as it was then known). From that moment he helped over 40 businesses to advertise on Google – with the aim to increase leads & enquiries, improve lead quality and grow sales.

From 2006-2009 Mark was the Online Marketing & Web Manager for Ecovision, a company that designs, supplies and installs renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses across the UK, including the Highgrove Estate, the home of Prince Charles.

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Why I Started ProfitReach in 2007

In 2007 Mark spotted an opportunity.

It was time to make a wider impact on small business marketing and sales.

New websites were being designed by web agencies, and they simply weren’t that good. Business owners were investing their hard-earned money…and not getting much for it.

Mark knew he could do better, so he created ProfitReach.

“I started part-time to lower the risk. Then in 2009 I handed in my notice and went for it.”

“I was really proud that 10 years later we still had some of my original clients, including Yate Town Council.”

“Initially, I worked from my home office (which I’ve always loved) and built a team of dependable and trusted UK web specialists.”

The natural progression was to use all the experience and knowledge that he had built up, to focus on training other companies to get more sales and revenue.

As a Digital Sales and Marketing Coach, Mark now visits businesses to train their leadership, sales and marketing teams, to help businesses achieve their revenue and growth targets.

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"Mark has been instrumental in raising our company’s online profile for many years."

"We have seen a significant difference in web traffic since Mark has took the reins, resulting in more enquiries and generating more sales. Mark has been instrumental in raising our company’s online profile for many years. The digital knowledge, meticulous detail and value Mark brings to the table is second to none. An absolute pleasure to work with and a genuinely nice guy. Thanks Mark!"

Ross Dawe - Managing Director, Standbrook Guides, Yate, Bristol

Ross Dawe

Managing Director, Standbrook Guides, Yate, Bristol, UK

Things people don't know about me

Volunteering has been a big part of Mark’s life. “I volunteered for a local sports club ever since I was a little boy – teaching children to play cricket and helping with lots of tasks around the club.”

“In my 20s my cricket volunteering work led to me being awarded the England & Wales’ Young Volunteer of the Year Award by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) at the NatWest Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs) held at Lord’s, the home of cricket.”

Mark live on BBC Radio Bristol following winning National Volunteer Award - Lords' Media Centre
Mark live on BBC Radio Bristol from the Media Centre at Lords’ cricket ground following winning a national OSCA award.

Where do I get my inspiration?

Inspiration is such an important part of life and growing a business.

I’ve been lucky to meet some remarkable people with hugely inspiring advice.

The day I was lucky enough to listen to and meet Baroness Karren Brady

“You can’t determine where you start in life, but you can determine where you end up.”

Baroness Karren Brady, the successful British businesswoman, is well known for co-hosting the BBC’s Apprentice. You can read about when I met Baroness Karren Brady here.

Baroness Karren Brady meets Mark Reynolds, Founder of Profit Reach

The day I was lucky enough to listen to and meet Sir Steve Redgrave

Sir Steve Redgrave is a remarkable person with a spectacular story.

He won gold medals at 5 consecutive Olympic games (WOW!!), but his story of how he planned his Sydney gold really opened my eyes. Read more about the exciting day I met Sir Steve here.

Sir Steven Redgrave with Mark Reynolds, Founder of ProfitReach

The day I was lucky enough to listen to and meet Nick Jenkins (BBC’s Dragons’ Den & Moonpig fame)

I met millionaire businessman Nick Jenkins from BBC’s Dragon’s Den who also has an astonishing story. Read my blog post to see why Nick Jenkins of BBC Dragons’ Den fame inspires me.


The day I was lucky enough to listen to and meet Lord Sebastian Coe.

Lord Coe said: “Vision must be in the DNA of your organisation. You’re permanently at cross roads where the judgement is between budget and creativity. At the start of the Olympic journey we said we’re going to stick to the vision – a guiding North Star.

He headed the London 2012 bid and the following London 2012 Olympic games. He also has an astonishing story. Read my blog post from the day I met and listened to Lord Coe.

Mark Reynolds Meets Lord Seb Coe

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Mark found a ton of mistakes and wasted money in their Google Ads setup

"I engaged Mark for PPC for a new client of mine who had been with another PPC agency for over a year with very poor results. Mark found a ton of mistakes and wasted money in their setup, he reworked it all, and - even with a lower ad spend - has been generating fantastic results for my client."

Catherine Willems

Catherine Willems

Joint Owner, Crimson Leaf Studios, Marketing Agency, Ontario, Canada

What’s your goal today?

1. Hire Mark Reynolds, Marketing Consultant/Coach

“With almost 20 years of small business marketing experience, I’ve helped 100s of small business owners build a consistent and predictable flow of quality leads/eCommerce sales. Changing the lives of small business owners is a beautiful thing.”

2. Learn how to build a predictable flow of new customers

Browse helpful articles with advice, tools, tactics and strategies to help you build a predictable flow of customers.

3. Contact us

Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions you have.