Winning Knowledge Centre (Done-for-You)

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My specialism and what I do is bring They Ask, You Answer alive for businesses. I’ve been trained by Marcus Sheridan in the USA, and I’m a They Ask, You Answer Certified Coach.

I now offer a completely Done-for-You service to bring your Knowledge Centre (aka Learning Centre) alive – properly – on your own website to a standard Marcus Sheridan would be proud of. Together we will earn the trust of your buyers like never before, and win more customers in the age of AI.

You’re in safe hands. I built my first They Ask, You Answer-esque Knowledge Centre for my long term client Bristol Bifold way back in 2013. That was four years before Marcus published his excellent book.

When Bristol Bifold was bought by a competitor in 2019, they immediately hired me. At the time, the new MD told me: “£1.5 million in annual sales was generated directly by the website you created, promoted and maintained, so you’re obviously doing it right. That’s why we want to hire you.

Their Knowledge Centre was an important part of that success – one article ranked No.1 nationally in Google for “best bifold doors” for a number of years. 

I want to share what I’ve learned through all these years to finally help you do They Ask, You Answer to a standard that gets results in the age of AI.

I only work with a handful of clients at any one time. We can usually make things happen within 6-8 weeks (for the first 20 or so questions).

If you’d be interested in having a chat about finally making They Ask, You Answer happen in your business, then you can reach out to me or give me a call on 01926 356300.

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