Clients' Stories

"Discover the stories of some of our clients and what they think about working with us." ~ Mark Reynolds, Founder, ProfitReach

Thank you for 10 years of help and support!

Good morning. A quick message to say that we are having some celebrations today as it is 10 years to the day that I started the business. I think you’ve been with us almost all the way through and just to say a big thank you for your help and support throughout those years and giving us the most amazing website and dealing with any technical obstacles that come our way. Thank you🍾🥳

Lynn Bevan is the founder of Bevan Evemy Solicitors

Lynn Bevan (2024)

Founder of Bevan Evemy Solicitors

I have been working with Mark, my marketing coach, to get more customers for a couple of months now and his approach is supportive and professional.

He really helps me to focus on what is important to my business and I am already beginning to see results and focus more on what I need to do to achieve my aims. Mark sets goals and actions for me and I really need that to make sure that I keep moving forward and I find him really easy to work with too. I would definitely recommend to others.


Alison Higginson

Owner at First Safety Training Services, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK

What do our other clients say?

Take small business owner Dan Radford from EDEMO Electric Bikes.

Dan lives and breathes e-bikes that he and his team lovingly sell from between £5k-£10k. He was referred to us by his commercial landlord who we had also helped with the marketing of his bespoke kitchen business.

When we first spoke with Dan, he was interested in our help to get more customers via their Google Ads.

It turned out that we could help him with many other parts of their marketing, not just Google Ads, but designing and building the new website for EDEMO Electric Bikes and training/advising EDEMO to produce the right type of video and written content that turns buyers/consumers into customers.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

Mark was recommended to us by one of his previous clients. We contacted him to discuss how we could improve our Google ads.

Following an indepth review of our business, we have come away with a far more targetted and considered plan of attack for our marketing this year involving lots of other marketing tools. We would not have achieved this without Mark's expert guidence. Needless to say, we are continuing to work with him.

Dan Radford - EDEMO Electric Bikes

Dan Radford

Owner, EDEMO Electric Bikes

I love situations like Dan’s. EDEMO’s product and service will change people lives (as will yours in some way).

EDEMO’s ideal buyers were out there. They really needed his products and service. But without our input, they were tending to go to his competitors instead.

It’s our job to work together to give buyers what they need, to help connect them with EDEMO’s awesome electric bikes and service.

Because simply, it’d be a crying shame if they never discovered Dan and EDEMO.

And that’s what we did, and are still doing.

We worked with EDEMO for around 18 months, and together we increased sales by 111% year on year (£six-figure revenue), with a reliable flow of high-paying customers.

The “UK’s leading association for Independent Kitchen Retailers” needed our independent help and advice

We worked with Martin Bruno and Uwe Hanneck, CEO at The Kbsa, the UK’s leading association for Independent Kitchen Retailers.

The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association is made up of independent, local retailers and over 100 of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

When the Kbsa need advice on Websites, SEO and Content Marketing, with the goal of improving their service to their members, the Kbsa has come to us.

Before their current website was even planned, the Kbsa hired our independent consultancy services, to help them understand their previous website and whether it provided what their key audiences needed.

From that consultancy project, it was clear the Kbsa needed a new website, and if it was to be a success, the project needed to be handled correctly.

They hired a third party web design agency and with our independent guidance, the result was a website that was a success for their members and the Kbsa themselves.

5 years later, the Kbsa again needed help, so they came back to us to deliver a high quality consultation.

All too often businesses are told one thing by their web design/marketing agency, whereas the reality can sometimes be different. That’s why the Kbsa wanted a trusted second option, and so again they hired ProfitReach, an independent marketing/sales consultancy.

This time the Kbsa wanted to take the website to the next level, specifically relating to SEO and content marketing, and raising the profile of the website for their retail members.

When the consultancy project and guidance had finished, the Kbsa were in a significantly better position, and we able to decide the all important next steps, confident in their decision.

We work with a wide range of UK B2C and B2B businesses, mainly those with £1m-£5m annual revenue, with sales and marketing teams of all sizes (often from as little as 1 on a team, to 20).

We’ve worked with Bristol Bifold since 2012

When our long term client the Bristol Bifold & Sliding Door Company was bought by a competitor in 2019, they immediately hired us.

The reason given by the new MD was: “£1.5 million in annual sales was generated directly by the website you created, promoted and maintained, so you’re obviously doing it right. That’s why we want to hire you.

If you need it, we’re here to give you the honest and transparent training and advice that will help you earn more trustclose more sales, get more customers from Google and from your website.

Sounds interesting? Please email me. I’m based in Warwickshire, but I help businesses across the UK, as well as closer to the office, Birmingham, London, Bristol and anywhere in between.

Don’t just take my word for it…

It’s a pleasure working with Mark. The more you work with him the more you see the dedication to delivering to your key business goals.

His understanding of the digital environment for SEO and Google Analytics with his clearly proven track record at a B2B and B2C environment is excellent. I highly recommend Mark from his own company Profit Reach. You are in good proven and reliable digital hands.

John Fitzgerald from Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

John Fitzgerald

Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

ProfitReach Marketing has been a game-changer for me.

Thanks to Mark's expertise and guidance, I've been able to implement innovative customer outreach strategies that have significantly boosted my results. He's empowered me to think beyond the ordinary and truly connect with my clients in unique and impactful ways. I'm truly grateful for all the support he has shown me.

Sharan Varaitch

Sharan Varaitch (2024)

Owner of Build & Conquer, Warwick, Warwickshire - Providing UK Children with Financial Literacy

Wow, what can I say.

I had a chance meeting with Mark and a conversation about why business is sometimes difficult, especially marketing and the customer journey. It soon became apparent that Mark is tuned in and well aware of business owners needs. I made an appointment and to be honest, I am absolutely blown away by how dialled in Mark is. His knowledge of a bespoke strategy and process will make a huge difference to my business, once it is implemented. If you are not aware of 'They Ask, You Answer' you must do some research and get on board before it's too late for you to capitalise on. This guy will change your business forever, and I fully intend to allow him to help change mine for years to come. Thanks again Mark, your dedication to my business has given me a new found drive and extra determination to help my customers like never before. Thank you for your time and the frank, honest and extremely professional consultation.

Simon Hayes, Redditch, Worcestershire

Simon Hayes

Owner of Motorcycle Riders Hub, Redditch, Worcestershire

As a new business owner, Marketing has been one of the biggest challenges.

Absolutely grateful to be able to tap into Mark's expertise and also his contacts (chamber of commerce etc). I am now starting to implement all my much easier when there is someone to show the way!

Rahul Krishnamoorthy

Rahul Krishnamoorthy (2024)

Owner of Pergola Drinks, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire - bringing you some of the most outstanding cocktails from around the world.

Mark is an absolute gent.

Great at asking questions and actually knows how to listen the answers given - a rare gift!

Bill Bates - small business owner from Leamington Spa

Bill Bates

Owner of Heathcote Recruitment Limited, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

"After Mark's work we’ve had a 425% increase in the number of website and landing page visitors who go on to request a quote from us."

"Do you know what, I’ve always avoided spending lots of money on websites, but then I worked out how much money we’d wasted on ineffective marketing and just went with Mark. It’s worth it. Having built the original website ourselves and 'dealt' with the 'Conversion Rate Optimisation', it was a big relief to know that it was being taken care of, and being taken care of properly, allowing me to carry on working on other areas of the business."

Simon Lippett, Bristol Bifold

Simon Lippett

Managing Director, Bristol Bifold, UK

"The work Mark did on our product pages generated £30k of sales, that's just one product page with up to a 4.35% eCommerce conversion rate."

"We are extremely pleased with our eCommerce PPC results. As well as managing Google Ads for us, Mark optimised the product pages he had previously built. We know that the big brands pump money into this sort of thing and are getting just over 3% conversion rate so we're really happy with 4.35% conversion rate. We'd certainly recommend Mark for PPC/Google Ads and to improve your eCommerce product pages. Our eCommerce PPC campaigns with landing pages brought a Return-on-Advertising-Spend (ROAS) of 312%, which gives us a lot of potential for the future - we're very happy with that."

Mike Hicks

General Manager, Penntree Pallets, nr Yate, Bristol, UK

“The conversion rate on my home page has been up by 30.4% since Mark introduced the new design.”

"We set out to add more personality to my home page and to increase opt-ins to my email list. During the whole process, Mark listened to my wishes. The new design feels a lot more personal than the previous version, and I have received lots of positive feedback."

Henneke Duistermaat

Henneke Duistermaat

Owner, Enchanting Marketing, Liverpool, UK

"Loved working with Mark Reynolds on my new website. Professional, informed, marketing-savvy - fabulous (and a lovely Bristol accent!)"

Carolyne Wahlen., GapHR, Reading, UK

Carolyne Wahlen

Owner, GapHR & GolfHR, Reading, UK

Mark found a ton of mistakes and wasted money in their Google Ads setup

"I engaged Mark for PPC for a new client of mine who had been with another PPC agency for over a year with very poor results. Mark found a ton of mistakes and wasted money in their setup, he reworked it all, and - even with a lower ad spend - has been generating fantastic results for my client."

Catherine Willems

Catherine Willems

Joint Owner, Crimson Leaf Studios, Marketing Agency, Ontario, Canada

Mark was really helpful and understood our needs very quickly.

He provided some positive feedback on our marketing approach following our new business launch, and shared some really helpful tips, books to read and new technology that could help me. He was encouraging and understanding.

Kate Atwell

Kate Atwell

Partner in Collexchange, Rugby, Warwickshire

"The new website is wonderful and looks fantastic on mobile too. It’s completely different from our competitors which is an additional bonus."

Priscilla Bayliss from Cotswold Kitchens

Priscilla Bayliss

Partner, Cotswold Kitchens, Stroud, UK

"The website looks amazing, better than I ever imagined, thank you very much."

Stuart Fluck, Heath Edge Consumables, Yate, Bristol

Stuart Fluck

Director at Health Edge Consumables, Yate, Bristol

"I rely on Mark to advise me on how to effectively do paid advertising on Google Ads."

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mark for almost 3 years now. While I specialise in many things online marketing, I rely on Mark to advise me on how to effectively do paid advertising on Google Ads. Not only does he understand how to create well thought out campaigns, he stays up-to-date on the latest changes on the Google Ads platform, that dramatically reduces my learning curve."

Hemal Patel, Owner of KB Studio

Hemal Patel

KB Studio, Marketing Agency, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

"Mark has been instrumental in raising our company’s online profile for many years."

"We have seen a significant difference in web traffic since Mark has took the reins, resulting in more enquiries and generating more sales. Mark has been instrumental in raising our company’s online profile for many years. The digital knowledge, meticulous detail and value Mark brings to the table is second to none. An absolute pleasure to work with and a genuinely nice guy. Thanks Mark!"

Ross Dawe - Managing Director, Standbrook Guides, Yate, Bristol

Ross Dawe

Managing Director, Standbrook Guides, Yate, Bristol, UK
Award for Volunteering

Recognised By Cricket’s World Governing Body

Not a client story, but this gives you a little idea of me as a person. In 2009 I was presented with an ICC Centenary Medal by the International Cricket Council, the international governing body for cricket. It was presented by Mike Gatting, former England cricket captain. I volunteer because I love it, but it was amazing to be recognised. The ICC Centenary Medal recognises a group of people who are instrumental to the running of the game – the volunteers. I was one of only 50 people in England and Wales to be given this honour.
Use Video To Promote Your Small Business

Royal Television Society Award

"Video Marketing is now a powerful way for small businesses to promote themselves. You can use video to connect and engage like never before. I'm fortunate to have around 20 years of professional experience with video, so I'm well placed to help my clients. In 2001 I graduated from the University of Lincoln, UK, with First Class Honours. With three talented student colleagues I won a Regional Royal Television Society Award for the documentary ‘Battered Cod’, which I produced. The film looked into the plight of North Sea Cod and the steps being taken to improve the health of fish stocks. I now bring clients results with video on their websites and landing pages using many of the skills I learned.

“If only all service providers went above and beyond, and took pride in their work, in the way that Mark does."

"He’s a very talented web designer and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Natalie Winkworth

Natalie Winkworth

Owner, Virtual Assistant, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

"The website is now prominent in search engines whatever permutations of words we use to find the site."

"Mark's service has been outstanding. I would certainly recommend ProfitReach to other organisations. The results of the website are extremely good. The design is popular, and equally importantly the site is easy to navigate and clearly people are spending a good length of time on the site. Perhaps even more significant is the prominence the website now enjoys in engine searches whatever permutations of words we use to find the site."

David Hardill, Yate Heritage Centre, Bristol

David Hardill

Community Heritage Officer at Yate & District Heritage Centre

"Mark can take your requirements and translate them into an excellent web design. His attention to detail is first class and he is very reliable. A great person to do business with."

Alan Connor, Director and Executive Coach at Facilitation works Ltd & Former NHS Trust Chief Executive

Alan Connor

Director and Executive Coach at Facilitation works Ltd & Former NHS Trust Chief Executive

"Mark is one of those rare individuals who cares about his clients and their businesses as much as he cares about his own."

"As a Google Professional with outstanding Google Ads skills we recommend Mark to our own clients for the advice they need on running profitable pay-per-click advertising campaigns. With so many offering online advertising packages it can be confusing for business owners to know where to trust their marketing budget. We have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his team as we know he will always deliver."

Dee Harrison

Dee Harrison

Owner of Philobiz, Marketing Agency, Wiltshire, UK

"The result was a significant increase in my ability to attract new business and ultimately achieve far greater ROI."

"Before engaging Mark's services I had no idea how potent and effective digital marketing can be. In our first 2hr meeting over a coffee, Mark was only interested in understanding what I was looking to achieve, rather than sell me his services. He then used this information to help me build a highly targeted & strategic data driven online marketing campaign. The result was a significant increase in my ability to attract new business and ultimately achieve far greater ROI. I simply wouldn't use anyone else for my online marketing activities."

Simon Wilcock - Owner, zupafast

Simon Wilcock

Owner, zupafast
Award for Volunteering - England and Wales

Volunteering – A Big Part Of My Life

The award was a while ago, but this little story gives you a bit more about me as a person: "I volunteered for a local sports club ever since I was a little boy. Keen to help children play and learn cricket. In 2004 my cricket volunteering work led to me being awarded England & Wales’ Young Volunteer of the Year Award by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) at the NatWest Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs). In the photo above I'm being interviewed live on BBC Radio Bristol after winning the award, from the famous Lord's Media Centre, London - it was a fun day!"

"We will recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a professional web design and web marketing company."

"I'd just like to give a big thank you for the excellence of service we have received from Mark in assisting our company to reach its goals. The service we have received was greatly appreciated and we will recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a professional web design and web marketing company that promotes creativity and professionalism."

Gavin Foyle, Broadwater Technologies, Yate, Bristol

Gavin Foyle

Owner, Broadwater Technologies, Yate, Bristol

"Able to talk in a way that enabled me to understand without "treating me as an idiot" with the technical terms."

“We would recommend Mark Reynolds, he is always on the end of a phone to assist with any issues or changes required. He has a very helpful service. He is very friendly and able to offer helpful advice on how to make the most of our web site.”

Deborah Matson

Owner, Connect Care, Yate, Bristol

"The website not only generates leads but gives my company credibility."

“I would highly recommend Mark for the guidance, help and support that he offers not just in the setting up of a new website but the aftersales management. The website not only generates leads but gives my company credibility.”

Ralph Withers, Leaflet Poster, Yate, Bristol

Ralph Withers

Owner, Leaflet Poster, Yate, Bristol

“Mark Reynolds is great to work with - full of advice - and extremely patient! He was very responsive to all my questions throughout the process of developing my webpage. I am thrilled with the outcome.”

Glynda Harding, PartoftheTeam, Yate, Bristol

Glynda Harding

Owner, PartoftheTeam, Coalpit Heath, Bristol
Judging The National Awards

On The National Judging Panel

"In 2005 I was excited to be one of 4 judges for the England and Wales Cricket Board's National Volunteer Cricket Awards (OSCAs). I was tasked with choosing the national winners across multiple categories alongside representatives from England Rugby and the Football Association."

"Mark, thank you so much for all your help with the OSCAs. It was a great comfort to know that you were on board. You are efficient, effective, and very caring – a joy to be around. Everyone comments so very positively about your contribution."

Allison Nolan, England & Wales Cricket Board

Allison Nolan

England and Wales Cricket Board, London

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