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The Way Forward with Mark Reynolds

Benefits of working with me, a Google Ads Specialist, vs an Agency

Experience the personalised touch of a dedicated solopreneur, not a faceless agency
  • 20 Years of Expertise:

    My two decades of UK-based Google Ads and landing page optimisation experience, will enhance your campaigns’ efficiency and profitability.

  • Direct Accountability:

    As an individual Google Ads expert, I own all tasks and results, ensuring a high level of accountability.

  • Transparent Communication:

    I keep clients updated on campaign progress and results with straightforward, jargon-free reports, aiding your key decision-making.

  • Focused Approach:

    As a Google Ads management specialist, I provide focused, highly proficient services, delivering greater value than general digital marketing agencies.

  • Personalised Attention:

    As a Google Ads specialist, I ensure direct, personalised attention, being your single point of contact, unlike larger, impersonal firms.

  • Quick Adjustments:

    Sole decision-maker, I enable swift strategy modifications as your business needs evolve.

  • Date Driven Decisions:

    I believe in the power of data, with recommendations and strategies informed by thorough analysis and solid numbers, ensuring campaign effectiveness.

  • Scalable Services:

    From small startups to mid-sized businesses, my services flexibly scale to match your growth and needs.

Trusted By These Organisations and Many More

Yate Town Council located in Yate near Bristol
KBSA - Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Enchanting Marketing, Liverpool, UK
Penntree Pallets located in Rangeworthy, near Yate, Bristol, UK
KAZ Type - Touch Typing Software located in Leamington Spa, near Coventry, Warwickshire, UK
Bristol Bifold & Sliding Door Company located in Brislington, Bristol, UK
Health Edge Consumables with HQ in Yate, Bristol, UK
'Little Green Book' from Standbrook Guides in Yate, Bristol, UK
The Way Forward

What benefits could Google Ads bring you?

  • Increased Visibility

    Display your business on Google’s vast search platform.

  • High Purchase Intent

    Engage customers searching for your products/services.

  • Targeted Advertising

    Leverage specific keywords that match your audience’s needs.

  • Immediate Impact

    Ads go live instantly, providing immediate search visibility.


  • Competitive Advantage

    Outperform rivals by securing prime ad placements.

  • Control-Over Budget

    Set daily spending limits and manage cost-per-click.

  • Performance Tracking

    Use in-depth analytics to improve campaign ROI.

  • Local Advertising

    Geo-targeting helps reach local potential customers effectively.

What We Do

Google Ads Management

Boost your business with our expert Google Ads management services. Achieve higher ROI, targeted leads, and effective campaigns. Book a no-pressure initial call today.

Customised Strategies

Experience personalised Google Ads management, crafted to fit your specific needs and goals, for a truly customised approach to drive your success.

Results Driven Approach

Discover a Google Ads management company dedicated to boosting your ROI, driving leads, sales, and business growth tailored just for you.

Clear Transparent Communication

Experience transparent communication and regular updates on your campaign's progress with a Google Ads management company that truly puts you first.

Expertise and experience

Unlock your business's potential with a Google Ads management company that has a proven record of success and deep platform expertise.

Proactive Optimisation

Stay ahead with a proactive Google Ads management approach, seizing opportunities, testing strategies, and making data-driven adjustments for your success.

Trustworthiness & Transparency

Gain trust and confidence with a Google Ads management company that values openness, honesty, and clear expectations.

Comprehensive Services

Empower your marketing with a Google Ads management company that provides a comprehensive approach, including landing page optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, and remarketing.

Strong Customer Support

Experience attentive customer support with a Google Ads management company that promptly addresses your questions and concerns throughout our relationship.
Google Ads Management

What do we actually do for you?

Experience growth with our Google Ads management services, as we create, optimise, and monitor your campaigns, driving targeted traffic and boosting conversions.

Google Ads Management Services

Modern Google Ads Management is about growing customers, not just Google traffic. We're here to attract searchers who will love what you do.

Landing Page Optimisation

Ensuring your landing pages are engaging, motivating, well-designed, mobile-friendly, and have clear calls-to-action to maximise conversions.

Account Management

Ongoing monitoring, management, and optimisation of your Google Ads account, including settings, billing, and user access.

Keyword Research and Selection

Identifying the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your business, considering factors like search volume, competition, and user intent.

Ad Copywriting and Optimisation

Crafting compelling ad copy and continuously optimising it to improve performance, increase click-through rates (CTRs), and lower costs.

Bid Management and Budget Allocation

Regularly adjusting bids and budgets to maximise return on ad spend (ROAS) and meet your advertising objectives.

Campaign Setup and Management

Creating and managing your Google Ads campaigns, including search, display, video, shopping, and remarketing campaigns.

Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Setting up and monitoring conversion tracking to measure campaign success and inform future optimisations.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Regularly analysing campaign performance, providing insights, and delivering comprehensive reports to keep you informed of progress and results.

Continuous Optimisation

Proactively identifying areas for improvement, testing new strategies, and making data-driven adjustments to your campaigns to maximise performance and ROI.

Customer Support and Communication

Providing ongoing support, answering questions, addressing concerns, and maintaining open lines of communication to ensure your satisfaction with the service.
Google Ads Management

"How can we select the most suitable Google Ads Management company to ensure the highest ROI?"

A short article by ProfitReach owner, Mark Reynolds about Google Ads and hiring a Google Ads management company. Have a question? Please email [email protected]

At ProfitReach, we may be a good fit for you, or maybe we won’t be? But by the end of this article you’ll be better equipped to decide whether a Google Ads Management company is right for you, and how to choose one.

Below I’ll give you truly unbiased advice, so you will be confident to make your own decision, rather than be influenced by yet another salesperson.

As a business owner, you’re likely always on the lookout for new leads and customers to help your business grow. But the constant search for new clients can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, with periods of feast followed by famine.

You know that a consistent flow of quality leads is crucial to your business’s success, but you might be hesitant to venture into the world of Google Ads.

The thought of spending a fortune on advertising without seeing a return on investment can be quite daunting. And there have certainly been a lot of businesses who have tried Google Ads over the years, but not got a return.

What could you do differently?

Who can we trust to manage our Google Ads?

With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts.

You may have heard about the power of Google Ads but are worried about the costs and complexities involved.

And the idea of trusting an outside company to manage your ads might also be unnerving, especially if you’ve had negative experiences in the past.

Is Google Ads right for you?

Many business owners are hesitant to invest in Google Ads for several reasons.

The platform can be complex and intimidating, with the potential for overspending if not managed properly.

Additionally, hiring a Google Ads management company comes with its own set of fears, such as the lack of control, trust issues, and concerns about the effectiveness of their strategies.

But don’t worry, we’re here for you, and you’ve found a Google Ads partner in ProfitReach, who will guide you to make the right decisions for you.

Google can truly work for the right companies

Overcoming these fears starts with visualising what success looks like for your business.

Imagine having a consistent flow of high-quality leads, with your sales pipeline constantly filled with potential customers.

This vision of success can be achieved by partnering with the right Google Ads management company, one that understands your business and its unique needs, and has a proven track record of generating results for their clients.

Finding the Right Google Ads Management Company:

The key to conquering your fears and achieving success with Google Ads lies in finding the right management company.

Look for a company that communicates clearly and regularly, offers customised strategies tailored to your goals, and is proactive in optimising your campaigns.

A successful Google Ads management company should also provide comprehensive reporting and analytics, helping you understand the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

What’s the Cost of Hiring a Google Ads Management Company?

The cost of hiring a Google Ads management company can vary widely, with some offering cheap services and others charging premium prices.

It’s essential to consider not just the price but the value they provide.

A cheap company may cut corners, rarely log into your account or lack the expertise to generate a good return on investment, while a more expensive company may offer a higher level of service and better results.

Or they may charge high prices, without the ability, to make it seem like they’re better than they are.

Rather than fixating on the price when selecting a company, it pays to get to know them and their expertise. Are they a good fit for you?

The price range for Google Ads management services in the UK can vary significantly depending on several factors. The pricing typically falls within the following ranges:

  • Monthly management fees: £300 to £2,500+ per month – at ProfitReach where our work also includes landing page optimisation, we sit within the mid-range.
  • Set-up fees: £500 to £5,000+ (one-time fee) *

* Some companies do not charge an initial setup fee, and absorb the extra effort up front, into their monthly fees.

These fees can be influenced by several factors, including:

  • Agency size and reputation: Larger or more established agencies may charge higher fees due to their reputation, experience, and resources. A freelancer may charge a smaller fee. This is not always the case.
  • Complexity and size of the campaigns: More complex campaigns or campaigns with larger budgets may require more time and effort to manage, leading to higher fees.
  • Level of service: Companies offering more comprehensive services, such as conversion rate optimisation, landing page design, and remarketing, may charge higher fees.
  • Industry and competition: Highly competitive industries may require more research, strategy development, and ongoing optimisation, which can result in higher fees.
  • Client requirements: Custom services or specific client requirements may lead to higher fees due to the additional work involved.

It’s essential to consider these factors when evaluating the pricing of different Google Ads management companies.

It’s always a good idea to research and request quotes from multiple agencies to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

The right Ad budget

When considering your Google Ads budget (how much you spend on the actual ads), it’s important to strike a balance between affordability and effectiveness.

Work with your chosen management company to determine the optimal ad spend for your business, ensuring you’re investing enough to see results without breaking the bank.

Should we hire a Google Ads Management company or do Google Ads inhouse?

Deciding whether to hire a Google Ads management company or handle it in-house really depends on a few factors. It’s definitely a tough decision to make, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

To help you decide, let’s consider some honest pros and cons of each option.

Outsourcing to a Google Ads Management Company:


  • Expertise: You’ll have access to a team with specialised knowledge and experience in Google Ads, which can lead to more effective campaigns.
  • Time-saving: By outsourcing, you can free up your time or your team’s time to focus on other priorities within your business.
  • Staying up-to-date: A professional agency typically stays current with the latest trends, best practices, and platform updates.
  • Scalability: Agencies can adapt and scale your campaigns as your business needs change, which might be harder to achieve in-house.


  • Cost: Hiring an agency can be expensive, and you’ll need to weigh the cost against the potential return on investment.
  • Less control: Outsourcing means relinquishing some control over your campaigns, which may not suit every business owner.
  • Communication: Working with an external team may require more effort to establish clear communication channels and ensure alignment with your business goals.

Managing Google Ads In-House:


  • Control: By keeping Google Ads management in-house, you maintain full control over your campaigns and can make decisions more quickly.
  • Integration: An in-house team might have a better understanding of your business goals and can more easily integrate Google Ads efforts with your overall marketing strategy.
  • Cost: Depending on your team’s expertise and salary expectations, managing Google Ads in-house could be more cost-effective than hiring an agency.


  • Expertise: If your team lacks the necessary expertise, your campaigns might not be as effective as they could be with a specialised agency.
  • Time commitment: Managing Google Ads in-house can be time-consuming, potentially taking focus away from other priorities.
  • Ongoing education: Keeping up with the latest trends, platform updates, and best practices can be challenging and require a commitment to continuous learning.

In the end, it comes down to your specific business needs, resources, and goals. Consider the pros and cons of both options, and choose the one that aligns best with your objectives and circumstances.

What are the best questions to ask a Google Ads Management company or freelancer who you’re considering hiring?

When considering hiring a Google Ads management company, potential clients should ask concise and straightforward questions that establish a solid foundation for the business relationship without coming across as micromanaging.

You can of course ask any questions you want, but they’re vetting you as much as you’re vetting them, so striking a balance is a sensible approach.

Here are some top questions to consider:

  1. Can you share some examples of your successful campaigns?
  2. What industries or niches do you have experience with? (this isn’t always a reflection of whether they will be successful with you, but it’s an interesting question).
  3. What services are included in your Google Ads management offering?
  4. How do you develop a custom strategy for each client?
  5. How often will we communicate and receive reports?
  6. What’s your approach to optimising bids and budgets?
  7. How do you measure campaign success and make improvements?
  8. Can you provide an overview of your pricing structure?
  9. Are there any contract requirements or commitment periods?
  10. How do you stay current with Google Ads updates and trends?
  11. How soon after signing an agreement would we see our ads live?
  12. How do you avoid wasting our ad spend in the initial testing period?

These questions allow you to gather important information while maintaining a positive tone and demonstrating trust in the agency’s expertise.

Taking the Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of Google Ads and the potential benefits of hiring the right management company, it’s time to take the next step.

If there’s a chance we’re a good fit, let’s schedule a no-pressure call with me, Mark Reynolds, to discuss your market, message, business goals, and how we could potentially work together to create a successful and profitable Google Ads strategy, or email [email protected]

By partnering with a Google Ads management company that understands your needs, you can transform your business’s feast-and-famine cycle into a consistent flow of high-quality leads and customers.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from the growth and success your business deserves.

We work with clients across the UK, but if you like working with someone local, I’m well located to help businesses in London, Birmingham and Bristol.

We’re based in Leamington Spa near Coventry, Warwickshire (West Midlands).

I’d be happy to have an initial talk to see if we can help you. Call me on 01926 356300 (Leamington, Warwickshire) or email me – [email protected]

Affordable Google Ads Management

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"The amount of questions we now get via on the enquiry page or asking for a call back, has probably increased 40-50%."

Mike Hicks

General Manager, Penntree Pallets, nr Yate, Bristol, UK

Mark found a ton of mistakes and wasted money in my client's Google Ads setup.

Catherine Willems

Catherine Willems

Joint Owner, Crimson Leaf Studios, Marketing Agency, Ontario, Canada

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mark for almost 3 years now. I rely on him to advise me on how to effectively do paid advertising on Google Ads."

Hemal Patel, Owner of KB Studio

Hemal Patel

KB Studio, Marketing Agency, Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Why Choose Us

Reasons To Choose ProfitReach

Honesty & Transparency

We want a long and rewarding relationship based on our full transparency, open conversations and giving you all the insights you need to make the important marketing decisions. We're here for you.

Years of Knowledge & Experience

Mark Reynolds, ProfitReach founder and digital marketing consultant, has been designing and promoting websites in every professional role since 2002. He wants to share his knowledge, what works and what doesn't.

Passionate About Results

We have clients we've been working with for 10+ years. We know that if we get results for you and you love us, then hopefully we could work with you for just as long. We're passionate about getting you results.

What is an SEO consultant?

A professional SEO consultant specialises in improving a website’s search engine optimisation. In other words, an SEO consultant would help make sure that a website, or any content you want in Google search, appears as high as possible in the results of a search engine query. This can be done through optimising the website’s content, structure, and code, as well as developing off-page SEO tactics like link building and social media engagement. While some businesses choose to handle their own SEO, others prefer to outsource the task to an expert. There are many benefits to working with an SEO consultant, including:

  • Save time: Developing and implementing an effective SEO strategy can be time-consuming. By working with a consultant, you can free up your team to focus on other tasks.
  • Get results: A good consultant will have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of SEO. They'll know what works and what doesn't, and they'll be able to help you achieve the results you're looking for.
  • Stay up-to-date: The world of SEO is always changing. A consultant can help you keep up with the latest trends and ensure that your website is always optimised for maximum visibility.

If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO consultant, take some time to do your research and find someone who has a proven track record of success. Once you’ve found the right person for the job, you can be much more confident in their recommendations, and in your future path. My name’s Mark Reynolds, a People-First SEO specialist helping you get more website traffic from Google and getting your Youtube videos ranked well in Google search. If you’re need an SEO consultant in London, Birmingham, Bristol or across the UK, then get in touch. I’m 100% independent and impartial because I don’t offer recurring monthly SEO services. I’d be happy to have an initial talk to see how we could work together. I help businesses and increasing traffic to your Youtube videos in Google Search.

What is your experience and expertise in Google Ads management?

I’ve been working with Google Ads for a long time, and I’ve helped many different businesses succeed with their ad campaigns. It was back in 2005 that I first started managing Google Ads. My team and I know how to create ads that work for all kinds of companies, no matter what they sell or who their customers are.
We’ve worked with big and small businesses, and we’re really good at helping them reach their goals. We know all about the different types of Google Ads, like search, display, video, shopping, and remarketing. We’re always learning new things to make sure we can give our clients the best service possible.
I’m very proud of the work my team and I have done. We’ve helped lots of businesses with different budgets and goals, and we always do our best to make their ads work for them. We really enjoy creating ad strategies that are just right for each client, and we’re confident we can help any business get great results from their Google Ads.

How do you approach keyword research and selection?

Keyword research is a super important part of creating successful ad campaigns. My team and I have a special process to find the best keywords for each business we work with.
First, we talk to our clients to learn about their products or services and their target audience. We want to understand what they offer and who they want to reach.
Next, we use different tools to find popular search terms related to their business. We look for keywords that people are using a lot and that aren’t too hard to compete with.
After that, we study the competition. We check out what keywords other businesses in the same industry are using. This helps us find new ideas and make sure we’re targeting the right words.
Finally, we pick the best keywords for our clients based on our research. We focus on words that are relevant, popular, and likely to bring in customers.
Throughout the whole process, we always keep our clients’ goals in mind. We want to make sure the keywords we choose will help them get the results they’re looking for.

How much should I spend on Google Ads? What should I consider when setting my budget?

Figuring out the right budget for your Google Ads can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry, I’m here to help.
When deciding how much to spend, you should think about a few things.
First, consider your overall marketing budget. You’ll want to make sure you’re not spending too much on Google Ads and leaving other important marketing tasks behind. Think about what percentage of your total marketing budget you’d like to put into Google Ads.
Next, think about your goals. What are you hoping to achieve with your ads? Do you want to get more visitors to your website, or do you want to sell more products? Your goals will help you decide how much you need to spend to get the results you want.
Also, keep in mind that some industries are more competitive than others. If there’s a lot of competition for the keywords you’re targeting, you might need to spend more to get noticed. Do some research to see how much others in your industry are spending on Google Ads.
Finally, remember that you can always adjust your budget later on. Start with an amount that feels comfortable, and see how your ads perform. If you’re getting good results, you might want to increase your budget. If things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, you can try lowering your budget or making changes to your ads.
The most important thing is to find a budget that works for your business and helps you reach your goals. And don’t forget, my team and I are always here to help you get the most from your Google Ads.

How do you handle bid management and budget allocation?

That’s a really important part of making sure our clients’ ad campaigns work well.
When it comes to bid management and budget allocation, my team and I have a smart approach that helps our clients get the most from their ads.
First, we talk with our clients to understand their goals and how much they want to spend on ads. We want to make sure we know what they’re aiming for and what their budget limits are.
Next, we use our experience and some powerful tools to figure out the best bids for each keyword. We look at things like how much competition there is and how much each click might cost. We want to make sure we’re investing our clients’ money wisely.
After that, we keep a close eye on how the ads are doing. We watch how much each click costs and how many people are actually clicking on the ads. We make changes to the bids and budgets if we need to, so our clients get the best results for their money.
Our main goal is always to help our clients reach their targets while staying within their budget. We work hard to make sure their ads are effective and give them the best return on their investment.

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