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How do I stop overwhelm as a business owner and actually get the important things done?

How do I stop overwhelm as a business owner and actually get the important things done?

Okay, picture this:

You wake up with a jolt, realising that urgent emails haven’t been sent, your website needs updating, and a mountain of invoices stares you down from your desk.

The to-do list on your whiteboard feels like someone sitting on your shoulder mocking you, and the dream that fuelled your entrepreneurial journey suddenly seems miles away.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, me too.

As entrepreneurs, we all face the struggle of feeling overwhelmed. The good news is, you’re not alone, and there are ways to break free and actually get things done.

In my many years as a coach helping business owners with their marketing and sales, I’ve seen a lot, and they’ve told me a lot.

Here’s I’ll share what I found, with you.

So, the question is: How do we stop feeling overwhelmed and regain control of our business journeys?

Acknowledge your Overwhelm

First you need to know that…

“feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. “

In fact, it’s almost like a rite of passage in the world of entrepreneurship.

There are just so many things to juggle: marketing, finances, product development, customer service… the list goes on.

It’s no wonder our brains sometimes feel like they’re about to explode!

The problem is, when we’re overwhelmed, we struggle to focus, we miss deadlines, and making decisions becomes a blurry nightmare.

It can even sap our motivation and make us question why we started this whole entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

But before you start packing it all in, take a deep breath.

Overwhelm is a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable.

And the good news is, there are ways to manage it and get back on track.

Shifting the Mindset

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “But how am I supposed to feel empowered when I’m drowning in tasks and deadlines?”

Here’s the thing: it’s all about shifting your perspective.

Instead of seeing overwhelm as an insurmountable obstacle, consider it a signal.

It’s a sign that something needs to change in your approach.

It’s your opportunity to step back, assess the situation, and regain control.

Remember, you started this journey because you believed in yourself and your vision.

That spark of creativity and determination is still there, buried under the mountain of tasks.

By implementing the strategies we’ll discuss, you can reignite that fire and start feeling empowered and capable once again.

Let’s explore some strategies that can help you do just that!

Strategies for Combatting Entrepreneur Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed is like being caught in a rip current – the waves of tasks and deadlines threaten to pull you under.

But with the right strategies, you can learn to navigate these challenges, regain your footing, and reach the shore of productivity and fulfilment.

Here are some actionable steps to help you combat overwhelm and reclaim control:

1. Conquer Your To-Do List:

  • Prioritise ruthlessly: Not all tasks are created equal. Identify your 3-5 most critical tasks – the ones that truly move the needle for your business. These become your high-impact activities. Treat them like VIPs on your schedule, scheduling dedicated focus time for each.
  • Embrace the power of “no”: Saying “no” to requests or opportunities that don’t align with your priorities isn’t selfish; it’s essential for managing your time and energy effectively. Remember, your ability to say “no” protects your most valuable resources and empowers you to focus on what truly matters.
  • Break down big tasks: Large, looming projects can feel paralysing. Instead, deconstruct them into smaller, actionable steps. This makes them less daunting and allows you to focus on completing one manageable step at a time. Imagine climbing a mountain – you wouldn’t try to reach the peak in one giant leap, right? Break down the project into smaller “base camps” you can conquer one by one, building momentum and a sense of accomplishment as you progress.
  • Schedule your day: Don’t let your day be dictated by a never-ending to-do list. Dedicate specific times in your day or week to focused work on your high-impact tasks. Tools like time blocking can help you visually allocate specific periods for each task, ensuring you stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the entire day’s workload.

2. Cultivate a Focused Work Environment:

  • Minimise distractions: Identify and eliminate distractions while working. Turn off notifications on your computer and phone, silence your phone, and let colleagues or family members know you need focused time. Explain that you’ll be available at a specific point later for urgent matters, but during this dedicated period, you need to be fully immersed in your work.
  • Declutter your workspace: A cluttered physical space can contribute to mental clutter. Organise your desk, clear unnecessary items, and create a clean and organised environment that promotes focus. Studies have shown that a neat and tidy workspace can improve concentration and reduce stress.

3. The Power of “Focus Time” and Mindfulness:

  • Implement the Pomodoro Technique: This technique involves working in focused 25-minute intervals with short breaks in between. Working in these focused sprints can help maintain focus and prevent burnout during long work sessions. The short breaks allow you to refresh your mind and return to your work with renewed energy.
  • Embrace mindfulness: Taking short mindfulness breaks throughout the day can be incredibly beneficial. Practices like deep breathing, meditation, or simply focusing on your senses for a few minutes can help clear your mind, reduce stress, and improve your ability to focus. There are many mindfulness apps and resources available to help you get started on this practice.

4. Delegate and Embrace Collaboration:

  • Delegate tasks: If possible, delegate tasks to others who can handle them effectively. This frees up your time and mental energy to focus on your high-impact activities. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks, outsourcing specific projects to freelancers, or collaborating with colleagues on shared workloads. Remember, delegation isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strategic leadership and a key pillar of building a sustainable business.
  • Seek support: Don’t be afraid to seek support from mentors, colleagues, or even virtual assistants. Surrounding yourself with a network of individuals who understand your journey can provide valuable guidance, support, and accountability. Engaging with an experienced business coach or joining an entrepreneurial mastermind group can offer invaluable insights and support as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of your business journey.

5. Prioritise Self-Care: Your Engine Needs Regular Maintenance

  • Take care of yourself: Don’t neglect your well-being. Just like a car engine needs regular maintenance to run smoothly, your mind and body need the same care to perform at their best. Make time for activities you enjoy, like exercise, spending time in nature, or connecting with loved ones. A healthy and balanced mind is better equipped to handle challenges, stay focused, and navigate the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Remember, conquering overwhelm is a continuous process. Be patient with yourself, celebrate your progress, and don’t hesitate to adjust your strategies as needed. By implementing these steps and prioritising your well-being, you can reclaim control, regain your focus, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams

Additional Resources for the Empowered Entrepreneur:

While we’ve covered several effective strategies, your journey to conquering overwhelm is an ongoing process.

Here are some additional resources to support you further:

Sometimes chasing bright shiny objects like the tools below can lead to overwhelm and procrastination, so be careful.




Tools and Apps:

  • ToDoist: Become focused, organised, and calm with Todo-ist. One of the world’s best To-do list apps.
  • Motion: With automation and AI that intelligently plan your day, schedule meetings, and build the perfect to-do list.
  • Trello or A project management tool for organising tasks and workflows.
  • Forest: A productivity app that uses gamification to help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  • Headspace: A mindfulness app offering guided meditations and exercises.

Online Communities:

  • Entrepreneurs Circle – A UK wide community helping you to get your marketing and sales in a way that’s aligned to your own life and goals.
    • Facebook group of 2000+ UK entrepreneurs with similar (and different) successes and challenges that you’re facing.
  • Enterprise Nation – A forum for entrepreneurs to discuss challenges, ask questions, and learn from each other.
  • NatWest Accelerator Programme – Get access to one-to-one coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. By accessing these resources and implementing the strategies outlined, you can equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to combat overwhelm, thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavours, and achieve your business goals.

Regaining Control and Embracing Your Entrepreneurial Journey

I know this overwhelm thing can feel like a monster under your bed, keeping you up at night and making it hard to focus during the day.

But the good news is, you’re not alone, and there are ways to fight back and take control.

We’ve talked about prioritising ruthlessly, scheduling your day, creating a focused environment, and even taking mindfulness breaks.

Remember, it’s about finding what works for you.

Experiment, adjust, and don’t be afraid to seek support from others.

Most importantly, don’t let overwhelm dim your spark.

Remember why you started this journey in the first place.

That passion, that vision – it’s still there.

By implementing these strategies and taking care of yourself, you can reignite that fire and build the thriving business you envisioned.

So, what do you say?

Ready to take action?

What strategy are you most excited to try?

Share your thoughts below, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, we’re all in this together, and I’m here to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Let’s do this!

Feeling overwhelmed is a common challenge in the entrepreneurial world, but it doesn’t have to define you.

By implementing the strategies we’ve discussed, you can effectively combat overwhelm, regain control of your time and energy, and pave the way for a more focused and fulfilling journey.

Remember, conquering overwhelm is a continuous process. Be kind to yourself as you experiment with different strategies, celebrate your progress, and don’t hesitate to adapt your approach as needed. Embrace the power of saying “no”, prioritize self-care, and don’t be afraid to seek support from your network.

Most importantly, never lose sight of your vision and the passion that fueled your entrepreneurial journey. By applying these strategies and staying committed to your goals, you can overcome overwhelm, unleash your full potential, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action today and start building the thriving business you envisioned.

Remember, you’ve got this!

And if you have any questions or need further support, feel free to reach out to me directly.

We’re all in this together!

PS. Feeling overwhelmed?

Okay, listen, conquering overwhelm is important, but there’s something else that can be incredibly valuable: community.

That’s why I wanted to mention the UK-wide Entrepreneurs Circle.

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Here’s the kicker: the Entrepreneurs Circle doesn’t throw you into the deep end. They have expert-led workshops and actionable strategies specifically designed for busy entrepreneurs like us. No overwhelm, just practical tips you can use right away.

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So, picture this: you’re not just learning from experts, you’re also learning from your peers. You’re hearing their real-life experiences, what worked for them, what didn’t, and picking up valuable marketing and sales knowledge along the way. It’s like having a built-in support system and a constant source of inspiration.

If you’re looking to conquer overwhelm, unlock your marketing and sales potential, and connect with a supportive community, then the Entrepreneurs Circle is worth checking out.

It could be the missing piece that helps you take your business to the next level. And hey, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! After all, we’re in this together, right? I’ve been a member for 11 years, and I’d recommend checking out the free 1-month trial.

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