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WORKSHOP: How to Generate a Consistent Stream of B2B Website Leads in 2020 (Leamington Spa)

WORKSHOP: How to Generate a Consistent Stream of B2B Website Leads in 2020 (Leamington Spa)

9:30 AM — 11:45 AM

11 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa CV32 5AA

This event is aimed at business that sell to other businesses: Managing Directors, Marketing Directors / Managers, Sales Directors / Managers, Solo-Entrepreneurs.

Do you sell to other businesses? Register for Mark’s workshop today and discover how to get more high-quality leads and meetings with prospects. Improve your B2B website and digital marketing strategy in 2020. Make the selling easier.

Today the Internet is a source of almost all the information your buyer needs. “

“70% of a buyer’s research is done before they talk to sales. 59% of buyers prefer not to talk to sales at all.” – Source: Aligned To Achieve Selling is hard.

There’s increased competition on the Internet.

The power is with your buyer.

Customers are doing more and more of their research before they talk to sales. So marketing’s influence over the sales process is ever increasing.

“70% of the buying decision is made before someone talks to a salesperson.”

In 2020 your website and digital marketing needs to work harder than ever to generate a consistent stream of quality leads. If you’re a B2B company, register today and get more high-quality leads next year.

Attendees at this workshop will gain the following:-

  • Best practice examples from leading UK B2B websites
  • Strategies for impressing customers at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Strategies for increasing the number of people who get in touch via your website.
  • Tactics to make the selling easier by generating higher quality leads.
  • Tactics to start sales conversations earlier in the customer journey


  • 9.30am – Arrive, Coffee & Networking
  • 9.45am – Workshop
  • 11.15am – Questions & Discussion
  • 11.45am – Finish

Confirmed Speaker:

Mark Reynolds, Website & Digital Marketing Specialist. Founder of ProfitReach, Warwickshire. Mark has helped B2B companies get results from their website and digital marketing consistently since 2002. In 2007 Mark founded ProfitReach. Now in its 13th year, ProfitReach continues to help B2B organisations increase leads, improve lead quality and grow sales and revenue.

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