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Learning Centre vs FAQs Page vs Blog – What’s the Difference?

Learning Centre vs FAQs Page vs Blog – What’s the Difference?

A Learning Centre (aka Knowledge Centre) should be at the heart of your content marketing / inbound sales strategy, and at the core of the They Ask, You Answer framework…

…but it can be confusing to people about whether what a learning centre is and whether that’s the same as a FAQs page or blog.

Let’s take a look at the differences.

Knowledge Centre

A Knowledge Centre is a dedicated website section where you provide in-depth answers to the questions customers frequently ask about your products or services. It has a prominent link on your main menu. The primary goal of a Knowledge Centre is to build trust, position yourself as an expert, and reduce the likelihood of potential customers seeking answers from your competitors.

FAQs Page

An FAQs page focuses on simple, logistical questions like operating hours, booking procedures, or guarantees.  It’s less concerned with the deeper questions and concerns  buyers might have about your product or service.

A Business Blog

Unlike a Knowledge Centre, a blog offers a broader range of content, including opinions, updates, and general educational pieces. While valuable, a blog doesn’t have the same laser focus on addressing potential customers’ immediate buying concerns.

If you’re committed to the “They Ask, You Answer” approach, a Knowledge Centre is crucial. It provides a structured way to organise your content, maximising its impact on attracting and converting leads.

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