Your Google Ads Audit

How Is Your Google Ads
Account Performing?

I’ve worked on a lot of Google Adwords accounts over the years (now called Google Ads). Some were set up well. Many had wasted money and missed opportunities.

Signing up to this audit will help you make money from Google Ads much more quickly. And I will also help you answer the three crucial Google Ads questions:

  1. Do you need to stop your campaigns?
  2. Do you need to continue to invest the same amount of money?
  3. Do you need to invest more money?

I went into the account of one business owner and after some thorough analysis of search queries from the previous few months, I found that he had spent upwards of £2000 on searches that were highly unlikely to convert.

When I told him, he didn’t believe me. Until I showed him the evidence in the data.

Google Ads has become known as the stupidity tax. That’s a bit harsh. It’s more a case of it being challenging for a beginner. But still, ‘stupidity tax’ gets the message across.

Your Google Ads audit will help find problems with your Google Ads campaigns. I’ll tell you how to fix those problems.

The return that you will get if you implement my recommendations will be significant. You’re likely to get serious quick wins. A small number of improvements could easily cover your investment in this audit.

Find out more below.

Your Google Ads Audit

My Google Ads Audit is an in-depth analysis of your Google Ads account. Here is a summary of some of the points I analyse in your audit.

The Big Issues

We first look for drastic issues that would lead to problems in your campaigns. Are you correctly tracking conversions? Using my experience I will see if anything is looking strange, including campaign and Adgroup structure.

Relevant Search Terms

Do the searches that have triggered your ads have a good chance of converting? Are your keywords on target? What search queries are you spending the most on? How much of your budget are you wasting on poor quality search terms.

Are You Spending
On The Right Networks?

Are you spending the majority of your budget spend in the display network instead of the search network? You must have the right balance.

Are Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are 50% of your Google Ads success. Arguably more. So we'll give an overview of your landing pages in our audit.

Budget & Search
Impression Share

How much of the budget are you spending? Are there opportunities that you're missing? Are you targeting the right keywords? Are you paying for irrelevant traffic? Are you focused enough?

Conversion Tracking

What are the conversions that are being measured? How are they defined? Some people measure conversions as a visit to a contact page. Not helpful at all for measuring success in Google Ads.
Your Google Ads Audit

When Is The Right
Time For A Google
Ads Audit?

The right time is either when you feel you’re missing out on kry opportunities. Or if your campaigns and landing pages could be working much harder, and wasting less money.

It’s a good time for an audit if…

  • You’re a small business owner or marketing manager who’s had their Google Ads account running on auto-pilot for a long time now, whether you manage it in-house or outsource it, I can audit it for you.
  • You’re an agency or freelancer and a client wants your help with Google Ads, I’d be happy to audit their account for you.
  • You’re taking over a Google Ads account in-house and you’re now responsible for it, then it’s a good time to audit it.
  • You’re employing a Google Ads Management Company then you could use the Google Ads Audit to help you judge how well they’re doing.

If it feels like the right time, you can STOP money slipping through your fingers today. Let’s talk about how my Google Ads Audit will help you. Call 01926 356300 or email me here.

Your Website Audit

How Do You Fix Your
Google Ads Problems?

Simple – request my Google Ads Audit today to increase your phone and email enquiries, leads and sales.

Once you’ve got my report, you can decide to keep the campaign/s, modify them, or dump them and use the data to learn from and start again. We will discuss all of this with you in the audit.

FREE VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: As part of every audit I’m currently offering a free video walkthrough. This video gives you a more visual way to see the problems and the fixes that I recommend.

Get started right now by requesting your Google Ads Audit below.



Get in touch. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about your Google Ads Audit.

I’ll talk to you about the various elements of the audit and what exactly the final report will include.

FREE VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: As part of every audit I’m currently offering a free Google Ads video walkthrough. This video gives you a more visual way to see the problems and the fixes that I recommend.

Your Website Audit

Why Choose This
Google Ads Audit?

When your Google Ads account has problems, you can be too close to realise. Having a fresh pair of eyes to look at your campaigns to help you make quicker progress.

Many business owners don’t realise that their Google Ads accounts are often hemorrhaging money that could easily be controlled and invested in more targeted advertising on Google.

I’ve been getting results from Google Adwords for business since 2005. Now I want to share my expertise with you to increase your chance of success.

When you request your Google Ads audit today, you’ll start to make quick progress, save time, you’ll save money, and you’ll start getting a higher amount of high quality traffic and better conversion rates.

FREE VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: As part of every audit I’m currently offering a free Google Ads video walkthrough. This video gives you a more visual way to see the problems and the fixes that I recommend.

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