Hiring a UK Business Speaker?

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Finding the perfect business speaker for your 2024 event can be a daunting task.

Mark Reynolds - UK Business Speaker
Mark Reynolds – Digital Sales & Marketing Consultant/Coach & UK Business Speaker

After all, there are hundreds of business/coporate speakers out there who specialise in different topics and offer different levels of expertise.

If you have a UK business audience that is interested in growing revenue in 2024 by building trust with their buyers/customers like never before, Mark Reynolds may be a business speaker to consider.

What topic could Mark Reynolds speak about at your business event?

“The Digital Customer: How today’s buyer has changed and what we must do about it”

The internet has fundamentally changed the way people buy. So why haven’t most companies changed the way they market and sell?

Today’s consumers live in a digital world, with access to all the information they need to make a purchasing decision at their fingertips. Today roughly 80% of all purchases start with a buyer typing a question into a search engine.

To influence the behaviour of your buyers, you need to be an authority who can address every question, concern, or fear they may have, on your website.

Buyer education needs to be your top priority.

Educated prospects become happier, better customers. If your prospects are asking questions, you must answer them — openly and honestly — on your website. 

Trust is at the centre of every sale. We need to be the best educators in our industry to build trust.

When we shift our focus to educating customers, candidly addressing everything about our products and services — even things that are uncomfortable, like price and drawbacks — we…

> Build trust with our audience
> Weed out bad-fit prospects
> Make the buying process smoother.

Sales and marketing have changed, and therefore our businesses need to change. Our buyer is more informed than they’ve ever been and they are drawn to those that help them in an honest way. 

My talk will help your audience connect with their target market like never before, to grow their business in the digital age. If your audience implements the framework that I discuss, in their business, in the right way, they will see dramatic increases in organic traffic, more (and better) leads, and sustained revenue growth.

Who is business speaker Mark Reynolds?

Mark is a ​Digital sales & content marketing (UK) strategist, trainer & coach, here to help you earn more buyers’ trust, to capture more leads and sales, hit those revenue targets and help your business grow.

He’s been doing this professionally for 20 years.

He built his first website in 1998, with his roots being in the world of web design, SEO (starting 2003), content marketing and Google Ads (starting in its infancy in 2005).

After Mark set up his own business in 2007, he embraced digital marketing to bring more revenue to a wide range of businesses.

Today Mark works with UK businesses of all sizes to inspire and help drive people towards success in a very competitive online world.

Where in the UK does Mark speak at business/coporate events?

Mark is based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. He’s only 40 minutes from the centre of Birmingham, 2hrs from the centre of London, and is available to speak at business events across the UK.

What will it cost to hire Mark to speak at our business event?

Cost doesn’t always reflect quality when it comes to hiring a speaker for your business event, but of course, it can.

Each speaker tells their story for different reasons. Some reasons are to make people more aware, inspire people to be great, or help people understand a topic more.

Because of this, presenters may charge less money because they want lots of people to hear their message, rather than not being as experienced.

There is a significant range when it comes to hiring a business/corporate speaker in the UK.

For example, keynote speakers with extensive industry knowledge or celebrity status can demand up to £20k for a single speech.

However, if you’re looking for an experienced speaker who doesn’t come with such high fees then you could expect to pay anywhere over £2000.

Mark Reynolds fits in at the lower end of the range. Costs associated with many speakers will depend on how well it’s aligned with their business. Many speakers, including Mark Reynolds, offer their services for free (plus travel and accommodation costs if necessary) if they think it could be a good audience for for their own business.

The most important thing is to find someone who will deliver relevant content in an engaging manner so that your attendees get value from their time spent listening.

Be sure to research prospective speakers thoroughly before making any decisions so as not to make any costly mistakes.

What types of event does Mark Reynolds speak at?

Mark can speak at your business conference/summit, whether that’s on stage, or at a workshop. He also speaks at virtual events, for example on Zoom, or webinars and podcasts.

Many of Mark’s engagements have been at industry conferences, whether that’s on a stage, or in a side room for a workshop.

He is also available to take official face-to-face 1-3 day workshops where he trains sales, marketing and content teams, and leadership, to help businesses deal with changing buyer behaviours.

How do I find out more about hiring Mark as a speaker for our business event?

Please call Mark on 01926 356300 or send him an email here,. or [email protected] You can also connect with Mark on LinkedIn. Let’s have a chat to see how he can help you.

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