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Baroness Karren Brady’s Inspirational Story – from BBC’s Apprentice

Baroness Karren Brady’s Inspirational Story – from BBC’s Apprentice

I was fortunate to hear Baroness Karren Brady speaking at an event that I went to. There are so many people that we in business can learn from and Karren’s certainly one of those.

She is known to a lot of people as Lord Sugar’s right hand woman in the BBC’s Apprentice.

When it comes to business she knows her stuff.

She’s actually one of the most influential, high profile and respected female business leaders in the UK.

Lady Brady was made a life peer by the Prime Minister, entering the House of Lords in 2014 and received a CBE from the Queen for her services to business, entrepreneurship and women in business.

You can’t determine where you start in life, but you can determine where you end up.

That’s one of Karren’s mantras. It’s one that we all need to remember. It’s so true.

To be successful in business Karren believes you need to have great leadership, ambition, determination, attitude, direction and to be positive. These values totally make sense right? They’re something I certainly aspire to.

She also has 10 rules for success.

  1. Work hard
  2. Have confidence
  3. Embrace ambition
  4. Have the courage to take a risk
  5. Take a reality check
  6. Learn to juggle
  7. Plan to win
  8. know how to negotiate
  9. Grasp the bottom line
  10. Learn how to communicate

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