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Sir Steven Redgrave’s Inspirational Story (5x Gold Medals in five consecutive Olympic Games)

Sir Steven Redgrave’s Inspirational Story (5x Gold Medals in five consecutive Olympic Games)

Now Sir Steve Redgrave. Wow. I was lucky enough to listen to him share his hugely inspirational stories. Then afterwards, I was fortunate enough to meet him.

He talked for a while and although his stories were about his sporting achievements. It’s all extremely relevant to business.

There was so much to learn. So many moments in his journey to success. So many strategies and tactics that he had used  to attain his goals.

We all can apply tactics he used to our business journeys.

Steve has won gold medals at 5 consecutive Olympic games for GB. You probably already know that because he’s so famous here in the UK.

But still. Let that sink in for a moment.

5 golds at 5 consecutive Olympic games. It’s such an amazing feat that you can’t avoid being inspired by his story.

When planning how to get gold at the next Olympics, Steve would look forward 4 years to the imagined Gold medal race and then work backwards from there.

Every step of the way he would determine everything he needed to do to reach that gold at the next Olympics.

This same reverse goal setting technique can also be used when determining how many leads and enquiries you need to reach your company sales figures.

Oh yeah, and he’s as nice as you’d imagine! What a top guy!

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