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How long will it take for the SEO Consultant to significantly improve the ranking of our website?

How long will it take for the SEO Consultant to significantly improve the ranking of our website?

How long it takes to get SEO results depends on what service the consultant is providing.

If you’re working with a truly independent consultant, they won’t be providing you with the monthly SEO retainers which involve the execution of their recommended SEO strategy.

Instead it will be up to you to execute the strategy either inhouse, or by hiring an SEO agency or SEO freelancer.

How long it takes once you start executing your SEO strategy depends on:

  • Your starting point
  • How good the strategy is
  • How well you execute the strategy
  • How competitive your space is on Google

But let’s say it’s an effective SEO strategy and you execute it well. You could see a little progress within 6 months. But, if you execute consistently, SEO can significantly impact your business in 18 months plus. This is when demand for your products or services via increased traffic really steps up and the sales increase.

But of course, if the strategy is poor, or your SEO specialist executes the strategy poorly, then you may never make progress. This is why it’s critical that you’re confident in the strategy, you have the right people working on your SEO, and you’re not paralysed into inaction.

In the meantime, by using your website content in your sales process, you can start to see a more immediate ROI.

That’s because trust building content is proven to shorten the buying cycle.

If done well, it will make the selling easier.

If you need quicker results while you wait for progress in the organic search results, you can advertise using Google Ads (paid search). This will help you attract new customers, but also gives you powerful live data on which you can advance your SEO strategy and keyword research.

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