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How do I overcome my inability to take action and build the business (and life) I want in 2024?

How do I overcome my inability to take action and build the business (and life) I want in 2024?

Q: As an entrepreneur and business owner, what do you get paid for?

A: Your ability to get things done.

Think about that this week.

The big earners, the super-successful, the stars in every industry or sector, simply get more stuff done.

Too many entrepreneurs are too ineffective at implementation.

They plot and plan. They have great ideas and worthy goals, but their dreams never take flight.

Because they don’t make it happen.

They allow themselves to be thwarted – and they always have a good excuse!

Some bask in the martyrdom of having to serve customers or deal with staff issues which meant that they couldn’t get X done, (when X would have moved them and their business forward).

But the price for not getting X done is a smaller bank balance.

A diminished life.

Everything in life comes at a price.

And the price you pay for not implementing and getting things done is massive.

Life affecting. For you and the ones you love…

A lot of people like the Nike slogan, without thinking about what it actually means. If they did, they’d hate it. “Just Do It” says that whatever others think about you matters little – it’s what you do that matters most.

If you don’t put the right kind of hard work in now, you’ll miss out and it won’t surprise you if competitors take charge.

Over to you.

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