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REVIEW: What is ‘They Ask, You Answer’ by Marcus Sheridan?

REVIEW: What is ‘They Ask, You Answer’ by Marcus Sheridan?

If you’re a business owner, or a sales/marketing director/manager, chances are you’ve heard of Marcus Sheridan.

book cover of They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan
They Ask, You Answer is a game changer in the right hands. It’s probably the best business book I’ve personally read.

If you haven’t, no worries, you’re in for a treat.

Marcus is the author of the best-selling book ‘They Ask, You Answer‘.

But it’s much more than a book, it’s a comprehensive framework for marketing and sales success.

This framework is used by all types of business across the globe, both B2B and B2C, including but not limited to, retail, manufacturing, home improvement, software, property/estate agents, and many more industries.

Every purchase has trust at the heart of it, and strengthening trust and credibility to get more customers, more higher paying customers, and sustained revenue growth, is what They Ask, You Answer is all about.

So the framework is applicable to every business.

At the core of the book is the message: “Educated prospects become happier and better customers.

“If your prospects are asking questions, you must answer them — openly and honestly — on your website. That’s where the name for our framework comes from: They Ask, You Answer.”

Marcus Sheridan

I’ve personally witnessed many UK businesses get success using the framework that Marcus describes.

“If you implement this framework at your business, you’ll see dramatic increases in organic traffic, more (and better) leads, and sustained revenue growth.”

Even when businesses have only implemented They Ask, You Answer to a basic level, I’ve seen impressive success stories. I’ll show you one such story in a minute.

But to truly transform your business, you’re going to need to live and breathe this stuff.

Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer
Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer

As well as first hand experience, I’ve also seen many case studies of B2B and B2C businesses, of all sizes. Those companies that have implemented it well, have been transformed forever by making They Ask, You Answer a central part of their company culture.

I’d strongly recommend you read the book, and then implement once you’ve got that far, hopefully you’ll see it as a no-brainer to implement in your business.

But first, what is the book all about?

The first time I read They Ask, You Answer

I first read this book in 2019 when Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneurs Circle introduced me to it. The EC had in turn heard about it from Phil Coleman, a UK EC member who sells shutters to homeowners.

the learning centre on the barlow blinds website - 2022
Here’s what the Barlow’s Blinds learning centre looked like in 2022.

In early January 2018, Phil followed Marcus’ advice and put a learning centre on his Barlow Blinds website to answer the exact real questions their customers were asking throughout the buyers’ journey.

Now, before I go on, They Ask, You Answer is about so much more than putting a learning centre on your website, but it’s definitely a good place for us all to start.

When it comes to creating content and creating your learning centre, don’t be a perfectionist.

You don’t need a new website to get success with the They Ask, You Answer framework.

You simply need to start creating content.

You need to obsess over honest education.

I’m sure you can create an article answering one of your customers’ most commonly asked questions. It should only take 20 minutes to get a decent first draft down if you really know the topic.

Marcus is not talking about a quick paragraph or two. Write a helpful 600 word article that properly answers their most important questions.

If you can’t write the article in 20 or so minutes, you probably need to become more obsessed with your buyers, and more obsessed about the service/products you’re selling.

Doing this is not as hard as you think.

As you can see in the search traffic graph below, Phil Coleman’s obsession with providing the answers brought Barlow Blinds a significant increase in Google traffic throughout 2018 and beyond.

Saying a “significant increase” is an understatement.

It was huge.

BTW, here’s an article I wrote about what a learning centre really is.

image 9 - 2022
The above graph shows an estimate of Barlow Blinds organic search traffic since January 2018 to late 2022. Their website traffic went through the roof after implementing the teachings from They Ask, You Answer.

Back in 2012…

I wasn’t a stranger to this concept of educating your buyers using a learning centre when I read the book in 2019.

It was back in around 2013, when I started to recommend to my clients that they build a learning centre.

I had a lot of search engine optimisation experience behind me, and like Marcus Sheridan, I knew that educating your potential buyers would increase trust, increase your Google traffic and make the selling easier.

So in 2013, after I designed and built their new website, I recommended to the Bristol Bifold & Sliding Door Company that they create a learning centre for their website to educate their customers and increase their Google traffic.

I built the learning centre for them and one of the company’s directors, Simon, started to write lots of articles answering the answers that potential customers most commonly asked.

One thing that you’ll get from Marcus Sheridan is that it’s far better to use your own employees to write the content, rather than outsourcing.

Your customers want to hear your authentic voice, and you need to be able to write lots of quality content without being restricted in any way by how much an agency can create.

I would say Bristol Bifold’s implementation was a basic level of what Marcus outlined in They Ask, You Answer in 2017, but back in 2013 it was a long time before many of us had heard of the brilliant Marcus.

I say basic level because the learning centre didn’t touch on topics that address the buying fears going around the minds of potential customers.

Like most companies, Bristol Bifold shied away from discussing those difficult subjects. And yet in the book, you will see that truly open and honest content, where you’re not afraid to talk about the difficult topics, is what will set you apart and earn trust.

Honestly in your content is what your buyers are craving, and it’s what your competitors aren’t doing. Are you writing about the true problems that your buyers fear when buying the types of products/services that you sell? Are you discussing cost and pricing?

Or are you hoping people don’t ask, and you only discuss such topics once people get in touch?

Remember that your potential customers do not want to make a mistake when buying, so they are craving honest content that addresses those tough questions.

The learning centre on the Bristol Bifold UK website.
I wouldn’t say Bristol Bifold’s learning centre would today be the best example of a They Ask, You Answer learning centre, but it wasn’t bad back in 2013. And it would still hold its own in 2023.

I wouldn’t say Bristol Bifold’s learning centre would today be the best example of a They Ask, You Answer learning centre, but it wasn’t bad back in 2013. Actually…it would still hold its own in 2023 having seen quite a few learning centres around.

The message there is, don’t worry too much about what it looks like, it’s the actual content that’s the important thing.

Your learning centre doesn’t need to be anything special.

You don’t need a new website.

Just make sure your content is organised to make it easily accessible.

Naturally Simon at Bristol Bifold introduced some salesy sentences into his content, but as we worked together, he removed that, and it was all about educating in an open and honest, non-salesy way. His content really shone, and instead of promoting his products, he provided beautifully honest unbiased educational content.

Website visitors loved it.

In the following couple of years, this learning centre work by Bristol Bifold had a strong impact on the amount of relevant Google traffic came their way. They were getting a lot of leads and customers.

But the problem was that Bristol Bifold’s effort to create this content was short lived. Their focus moved away from creating this type of content. They moved to creating more of the typical ‘top of funnel’ type of blog posts, like “3 Easy Ways to Instantly Brighten Your Home” and “Create Your Perfect Summer Home” – you know….those questions that many business blogs write about, but that don’t really move the needle, because your buyers don’t really care about those topics, and neither does Google.

If you obsess about your customer, you’ll soon realise the types of content that they really want…

….that is why They Ask, You Answer is such an important read.

A few years down the line from creating the Bristol Bifold learning centre, and bifold doors had become very popular in the UK. More and more companies started supplying them and more companies wrote about them.

Bristol Bifold were not creating the quality content, and competitors took their position in Google as one of the leading educators in that space.

Having said that, Bristol Bifold’s learning centre would still bring in some good traffic in the years ahead, much more than when they started, just not as much as at the peak.

That’s the thing about They Ask, You Answer. You can never control Google, you will have rises and falls in traffic, but if you follow this framework well, and keep working on it, your overall traffic from Google will be totally transformed compared to before you started.

So once you read They Ask, You Answer, realise that you need to find a way to make it a reality over the short and long term. If you create a good amount of quality content consistency, it can truly transform your business.

As a direct consequence of this work for Bristol Bifold, the sales grew quickly, taking their annual sales to over £1million, which was a lot for a small UK firm.

One of the most successful learning centre articles for them was “Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts When Choosing a Bifold Door” which ranked No.1 nationally for “best bifold doors” – that was significant.

It was a really honest post, that readers appreciated. It was education that buyers really needed.

But for Bristol Bifold, the investment in the website’s content relaxed over the years and other companies over took them. But the book and framework is about significantly more than an article like that.

I didn’t know then, that 10 years later I would be teaching even more of this on a whole new level.

I recently helped a client of mine, EDEMO Electric Bikes, apply They Ask, You Answer to their business. Here’s their electric bike learning hub which I and their talented team built along with the rest of their website.

The HubSpot learning centre inspired us. Because of that, the EDEMO learning centre should be very easy to use.

graph showing edemo progress 1 - 2022
This graph uses publicly accessible data and shows an estimate of the Google organic traffic trend to EDEMO’s website since the launch of their learning centre.

It’s a work in progress for EDEMO as they still need to add lots more content, but they’ve had impressive feedback so far from prospects and customers.

If you had a similar approach to your website, how much more relevant search traffic could you get? How could it change your business?

Of course, you’re in the lap of Google, so performance is never guaranteed, but significant progress is definitely within reach. And remember, the first goal is to build trust with your current site visitors and prospects to make the selling easier and to increase average order values. A proven side effect is that Google latches onto the fact you’re creating content that searchers are craving.

Done in the right way, the approach outlined in They Ask, You Answer could transform your business.

But it’s the increased trust and credibility that comes with your quality content that can have a more immediate impact on conversions and on the selling.

A more immediate ROI.

Even a single article can set you apart from your competitors and make the selling easier.

Stand out with your content

When your company is answering the exact questions your buyers are asking, to an expert level, you immediately stand out. This has a good chance of giving you a more immediate return on your time investment.

When you publish expert written and video content on your website, answering the actual real questions that your ideal buyers are asking, people will see you as one of the authorities and leaders in your space.

This in turn makes the selling easier, shortening the time it takes from when your prospect gets in touch, to when they buy – if you do it well of course.

When I first read They Ask, You Answer in 2019, I immediately knew how powerful it would be for my clients, especially as I had a proven track record with this kind of approach.

And today I consult and train businesses of all sizes to help them implement the teachings from They Ask, You Answer (if you need help let me know).

And that helps them to increase web traffic, leads, make the selling easier and get more high paying customers.

So yes I’m a big fan, but I’m only biased from the point of view that, like you, I discovered this book, read it and probably like you and the hundreds of 5-star reviews this books gets, I thought it was the best business book that I’ve ever read.

So below I will delve in even further to give you an open and transparent review about this business, marketing and sales framework.

We’ll take a look at what “They Ask, You Answer” is all about and explore why Marcus Sheridan believes that companies need to start thinking like educators.

Strap yourself in.

This is…

…They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan.

A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer.

Marcus Sheridan

Trust is a central part of the buying process.

Buyers simply don’t want to make a mistake in buying from you, and if you can address their fears, you will really stand out and earn trust.

Now and even more so in the future, there are so many reasons to distrust content on the Internet.

For a start, there are lots of website owners using artificial intelligence (AI) text generating software to create poor quality content, it’s even happening with video too.

As I’ve shown in my examples, in the wrong hands AI software is spewing out terribly inaccurate content and it’s not being corrected by the human. The amount of inaccurate noise that you’ll be up against in the coming years will be incredible.

And the buyers will be searching to find their heroes in all the noise.

That’s where you come in.

If you want to make the most of your chance to compete, you need to get moving quickly with publishing a good amount of quality content.

Marcus declares that the future of marketing lies in companies becoming educators instead of advertisers.

Earning trust via educating your buyers is the key differentiator.

And They Ask, You Answer is your instruction manual.

Marcus suggests that businesses should focus on providing answers to their customers’ questions instead of pushing products.

Your buyers are crying out for accurate and honest education.

And your buyer’s demand for truth will only get greater over the coming years.

This is your chance to move ahead in your space.

The Internet has changed how we buy

The basic premise of “They Ask, You Answer” is that the internet has changed the way that B2B and B2C buyers make purchasing decisions.

Nowadays, potential customers can find out everything they need to know about a product or service, before they even contact a company.

They just use a search engine.

Often, Google.

This means that businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the needs of modern consumers.

You need to understand the significant shift in buying behaviour

Consumer buying patterns have changed significantly over the last 15 years, especially the line between sales and marketing, which has become blurred, or has even disappeared.

In every industry, B2C or B2B, there has been a huge shift in buying behaviour.

Many different studies today show that 80% of the buying decision is made before the buyer even first talks to the company.

That means 80% of the purchase decision has already been made before your sales professional has even spoken to the prospect.

You might think this is different in your industry.

It may well be different.

80% is an average, so it could be higher or lower in your industry, but the key concept is the same.

The buyer has done their research, and they have already seriously considered their favourite companies. If they’ve chosen a competitor, you may not even hear from them.

Of course, your sales professional can still influence the buyer’s decision, as there’s still 20% of the decision to be made.

But your influence over their decision is weaker.

Your sales people need to make sure they influence the buyer earlier, by getting their key messaging across earlier in the property seller’s journey.

And the thing is, this is only going to get more and more important.

Let’s go back 15-20 years, what percentage of the buying decision do you think was made before the purchaser started talking to the sales professional?

What do you think?

Most people say 20-40%, which would be about right.

So if was 40% back then and 80% today, what’s it going to rise to within this next decade? 90%? 100%?

When Marcus wrote the first edition of his book in 2017, it was 70% and then two years later, with newer studies, it had changed to a whopping 80% of the purchasing decision being made before they get in touch with you.

It’s only going to go one way.

This means marketing has more of a hold over the buying decision than your sales team.

Your sales people need to be more involved in how you’re communicating with potential clients throughout the purchasing journey.

No longer can you wait until you’re in the property seller’s house to do the significant part of earning their trust.

If you want to learn more about this, it’d be a good idea to take read this book.

Answering your ideal buyer’s questions

By answering customers’ questions in a helpful and transparent way, businesses will build trust and credibility with potential buyers…

With the very real side effect of attracting more switched on buyers from Google.

And if you’re not providing the answers to your target market’s questions, they’ll just keep searching on Google, and mostly probably have a conversation with your competitors, before you.

The power is with the buyer.

It’s important to note that Marcus Sheridan isn’t suggesting that businesses should stop selling altogether. He still believes that companies need to be positive in selling their products and services—but they need to do so in a way that provides value for the customer, in an unbiased, open and honest way.

Instead of using traditional advertising techniques like pushy sales pitches, businesses should focus on providing helpful information that educates potential buyers about what they’re looking for.

Marcus has been there and done it

Laying out the blueprint for modern content marketing, Marcus walks readers through the journey he took to build his successful business, River Pools and Spas, and how he used content marketing to save it from bankruptcy.

The book is full of actionable advice and strategies that any business owner or director can use to improve their content marketing efforts.

Here’s a short overview of what else you’ll find inside.

The Book’s Main Idea

The title of the book “They Ask, You Answer” – comes from its central idea: that businesses should create content that answers their customers’ questions.

This might seem like common sense, but too often businesses create content for the sake of creating content, without stopping to consider whether it will actually be helpful or interesting to their target audience.

I’ve lost track of the number of websites out there that either have no new content, or content that is boring or turns off buyers.

Think about your blog posts.

Are your posts really answering the actual questions that your target buyers ask, in the exact way they ask it?

Is your content dull and boring?

Is your content truly unbiased, or are you pushing your reader towards buying your service/product – being salesy can be a turnoff.

Are you obsessed about your customer so that you know every question they’re asking?

Do you have a learning centre where you can collate all your content that answers these questions?

Knowing the answers to these questions will send you in the right direction.

The 10 Key Concepts of They Ask, You Answer

  1. The Big 5
  2. Learning Centre
  3. The Selling 7
  4. Assignment selling
  5. Revenue team
  6. Virtual sales
  7. Self-service tools
  8. In-house content management
  9. Sales and marketing alignment
  10. Martech and CRM adoption

What is the Big 5?

If you want to be successful at generating trust and become the leading voice in your industry, you will need to focus on the Big 5.

If you’re struggling to get more leads, sales and momentum from your content, you need to take a look at your existing content. What percentage of your content is related to these Big 5 topics? Often with companies, this number is very low….like 10%.

Marcus says that if you make 75% of your content around these 5 things, you will dominate your industry online, assuming you’re creating enough quality content.

The Big 5:

  1. Pricing: How much does your solution cost?
  2. Problems: What are the negatives or issues with your solution?
  3. Versus & Comparisons: How does your product or solution compare to alternatives?
  4. Reviews: What is everybody saying about your solution?
  5. Best in class: What is the best solution available?

Sheridan maintains that businesses need to start with the question in mind first, and then craft their content accordingly.

This way, they can be sure that they’re creating material that will actually be useful to potential customers and help them make purchasing decisions.

To do this effectively, businesses need to have a good understanding of what their customers are actually searching for online. What are your prospects asking you when they get in touch to buy?

Once you know this, you can start developing quality content that directly addresses those needs.

The following five topics are essential to your industry.

Your potential customers research these topics every day before deciding whether to buy from you or one of your competitors.

Our industry is already saturated with content. Is there any point in doing They Ask, You Answer if we’re not going to get loads of traffic from Google?

Marcus has coined a term called the Content Saturation Index (CSI).

Actionable Advice for Businesses

“They Ask, You Answer” is chock-full of practical tips and advice that businesses can use to improve their content marketing and efforts to sell online.

Build relationships and trust

They Ask, You Answer is all about using content to build relationships with potential and current customers. It’s based on the idea that if you can answer your customers’ questions, they will see you as a credible source of information—and that credibility will eventually lead to sales.

Sheridan calls this approach “inbound marketing,” and it’s a far cry from the traditional “outbound” approach of interrupting people with ads and spammy emails.

Inbound marketing is all about providing value upfront so that people will want to do business with you down the line. And there’s no better way to provide value than by answering your customers’ most pressing questions

Of course, simply answering questions isn’t enough—you also need to be sure that your answers are relevant, helpful, and engaging. That’s where Sheridan’s ‘They Ask, You Answer’ framework comes in, he calls it a business philosophy, this is so much more than marketing.

Online reviews of ‘They Ask, You Answer’

On Amazon UK there are 606 global ratings of They Ask, You Answer, with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5.

That’s pretty good.

image 8 - 2022

It was hard to find a negative review, but even though it’s completely disproportionate to shine a light on a negative review like this one, here’s one for you to see.

Why show it?

They Ask, You Answer is far from a simple book, as the reviewer suggests. It takes many business owners maybe 3 reads of the book for the concepts to properly sink in.

That doesn’t mean it’s a difficult read.

The book is generally easy to understand and very well written. Marcus is very clear with what you need to do. But sometimes you need to look a bit deeper for Marcus’ truly powerful messages and insights

It’s those topics, like writing without bias, openly discussing the competition, having an abundant mindset, improving video, making the selling easier, which can come out after 2-3 reads, and is where the true power of the book and framework lies.

Having said that, there’s plenty of low hanging fruit along the way – ripe for the picking.

Okay, over to our 1 star reviewer:

Valentyn (1 Star) says:
Readers are not Google Search. Too bloated to be useful.
Save yourself money and time…
Here is what 330 pages are all about:

  • Start blogging.
  • Write about pricing and cost.
  • Write about problems.
  • Write about versus and comparisons
  • Write reviews.
  • Write about Best in Class.

That’s actually it… The Whole book could be done in 2-3 pages. The author forgot he is writing a book and not an online blog for the Google so it indexes all the pages.

Valentyn is totally entitled to his opinion. But the book is about so much more than blogging about pricing, cost and problems.

He’s missed the point.

If you do read the book, make sure you approach it with an open mind
(Valentyn probably had an open mind, make sure you do too). And keep thinking deeply as you read about how you can implement what you learn.

The book contains a lot of low hanging fruit, but there’s also so much intelligent advice from Marcus about enhancing how you communicate with your audience.

The overwhelming number of reviews are 5 star (81%).

Mrs Jackson said:

5 stars – Brilliant book for any business.
“This is one of my favourite business books. We have implemented this approach of content marketing into our business and have seen great results. Marcus provides you with so much help to get you started and he even includes training material to help get your team involved. Highly recommend.”

Mr Bryson said:

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved the book!
“I was recommended the book and despite the fact I generally say I don’t read, I bought it. I’m glad I did too, its reinvigorated my drive and passion in my work. I finished it in around 2 days which for me is light speed. That’s after work and after I’ve got the kids to bed. I’ve already bought Marcus’s book The Visual Sale and that’s a good read too.”

Free Sample of They Ask, You Answer (no email address needed)

Mark Reynolds, author of this blog post, alongside Marcus Sheridan (left), author of They Ask, You Answer.
Mark Reynolds, author of this post alongside Marcus Sheridan (left), author of They Ask, You Answer

Download your free sample of They Ask, You Answer here (newly revised and updated – no email address needed).

You can find out more about the book ‘They Ask, You Answer’ here on Amazon: Book / Audiobook / Kindle). There are a lot of great books around, but if you can begin to implement Marcus’ recommendations, you should see pretty immediate results.

Now before you buy the book, it’s time to listen to Marcus himself.


In “They Ask, You Answer”, Marcus Sheridan states that the future of marketing lies in companies becoming educators instead of advertisers.

He suggests that businesses should focus on providing answers to their customers’ questions instead of pushing products.

While traditional advertising techniques still have a place in today’s market, Marcus Sheridan’s book provides an interesting perspective on how businesses can adapt their marketing strategies to meet the needs of modern consumers.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to modern content marketing and truly connecting with your ideal buyers, “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan is a great place to start. It’s got to be the best business book I’ve read. There’s so much that makes sense, backed up with real data from real businesses.

It’s packed with actionable advice and strategies that any business can use to improve their online presence and reach more potential customers.

Whether you’re a complete novice when it comes to content marketing or you’ve been doing it for years, you’re sure to find something valuable in this book.

Implementing this framework could have a significant impact on your business. If you and your colleagues give full buy-in to They Ask, You Answer, you are likely to see dramatic increases in organic traffic, better leads and revenue growth.

It won’t be easy, but you should start to see the rewards soon after you begin implementing.

And if you want more, take a look at Marcus’s book, The Visual Sale (How to Use Video to Explode Sales, Drive Marketing, and Grow Your Business in a Virtual World).

You can find out more about They Ask, You Answer here: Book / Audiobook / Kindle). I’d love to have a chat once you’ve read it.

What topics does They Ask, You Answer actually cover?

I always find it helpful to read the contents page to get a better idea of what a book is about.

So to finish off this review of They Ask, You Answer, here is the content page to show you the kind of themes and subjects that Marcus covers.

PART I – A Very Different Way of Looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust

Chapter 1 The Fall
Chapter 2 A Massive Buying Shift and the Blur Between Sales and Marketing
Chapter 3 This Book Won’t Work for You If …
Chapter 4 The Discovery of They Ask, You Answer
Chapter 5 They Ask, You Answer Defined
Chapter 6 Brainstorming the Questions You Are Asked Every Day
Chapter 7 The Ostrich Marketing Strategy
Chapter 8 The CarMax Effect
Chapter 9 The Discovery of The Big 5
Chapter 10 The Big 5, Topic 1: Pricing and Cost: Why We Must Talk About Money
Chapter 11 How One Article About Money Generated More Than $6 Million in Sales
Chapter 12 Case Study 1: High-End B2B Technology Company Generates More Than $8 Million in Additional Revenue
Chapter 13 The Big 5, Topic 2: Problems: How to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths
Chapter 14 Addressing the Elephant in the Room
Chapter 15 How Talking About Our Problems Generated More Than $1 Million in Revenue
Chapter 16 Case Study 2: An Equipment Financing Company Becomes a Digital David and Conquers the Industry Goliaths
Chapter 17 The Big 5, Topic 3: Versus and Comparisons
Chapter 18 The Critical Need for Unbiased Content
Chapter 19 The Big 5, Topics 4 and 5: Reviews and Best in Class
Chapter 20 Using Reviews to Establish Yourself as an Expert
Chapter 21 The Impact of Discussing Competition
Chapter 22 Case Study 3: Small Retail Appliance Store Dominates Online and Makes Millions
Chapter 23 The Competition
Chapter 24 How They Ask, You Answer Saved River Pools and Spas

PART II – The Impact of They Ask, You Answer on Sales Teams

Chapter 25 How Great Content Is a Total Game-Changer for Sales Teams
Chapter 26 A Dramatic Discovery
Chapter 27 Assignment Selling
Chapter 28 How One Remarkable Couple Changed My Perspective on the Power of Content to Sell
Chapter 29 Content Never Sleeps
Chapter 30 How to Use Assignment Selling to Avoid Common Pitfalls
Chapter 31 How to Use Assignment Selling to Determine Compatibility
Chapter 32 Case Study 4: How a Healthcare Startup Became the Thought Leaders of an Entirely New Industry

PART III – Implementation and Making It a Culture

Chapter 33 The Power of Insourcing and Using Your Team to Create Incredible Content
Chapter 34 Case Study 5: How Block Imaging Embraced a Culture of Insourcing
Chapter 35 Starting Off They Ask, You Answer with a Bang: Company Workshops
Chapter 36 The Content Manager: Qualities to Look for, How to Hire One, and More
Chapter 37 The Importance of Having the Right Tools: Measuring Return on Investment, the Power of HubSpot, and More

PART IV – Creating a Culture of Video . . . In-House

Chapter 38 We’re All Media Companies and the Visual Sale
Chapter 39 The Selling 7: 7 Videos That Will Immediately Impact Sales and Closing Rates
Chapter 40 The Selling 7, Video 1: The 80 Percent Video
Chapter 41 The Selling 7, Video 2: Bio Videos for Email Signatures
Chapter 42 The Selling 7, Video 3: Product and Service Fit Videos
Chapter 43 The Selling 7, Video 4: Landing Page Videos
Chapter 44 The Selling 7, Video 5: Cost and Pricing Videos
Chapter 45 The Selling 7, Video 6: Customer Journey Videos
Chapter 46 The Selling 7, Video 7: “Claims We Make” Videos
Chapter 47 Personalized Video for Email: A More Human Approach to Direct Digital Communication
Chapter 48 How to Hire an In-House Videographer
Chapter 49 Team Buy-In on Video, Performance Tips, and Long -Term Success
Chapter 50 Case Study 6: How a Lifting and Rigging Company
Became the Ultimate Example of They Ask, You Answer Success and Culture

PART V – How to Build the Perfect They Ask, You Answer Website

Chapter 51 Real-Time Conversations Are Changing How They’re Asking and We’re Answering
Chapter 52 Self-Selection: The Next Phase of Search, Sales, and the Way We Buy
Chapter 53 Website Priority 1: Proper Homepage Design and Messaging
Chapter 54 Website Priority 2: Obsess Over Honest Education
Chapter 55 Website Priority 3: Premium Education
Chapter 56 Website Priority 4: An Equal Mix of Textual and Visual Content
Chapter 57 Website Priority 5: Self-Selection Tools
Chapter 58 Website Priority 6: Social Proof
Chapter 59 Website Priority 7: Site Speed

PART VI Your Questions Answered

Chapter 60 “How Do I Find More Time to Make This Work Within My Organization?”
Chapter 61 “How Long Will It Take They Ask, You Answer to Work?”
Chapter 62 “Are Content Marketing and They Ask, You Answer Just Fads?”
Chapter 63 “How Can I Keep My Team Engaged in the Content Process?”
Chapter 64 “I’ve Been Told If We’re Not Adding Anything New to the Conversation, Then We Shouldn’t Be Talking About It — Is That Right?”
Chapter 65 “Can I Just Hire an Agency to Do This for Me?”
Chapter 66 “How Can We Afford to Do This?”
Chapter 67 A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy

What’s your goal today?

1. Hire Mark Reynolds, Marketing Consultant/Coach

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