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How do I truly become a successful small business owner in 2024?

How do I truly become a successful small business owner in 2024?

If you’re a small business owner who wants to learn what it takes in this current climate to get more success and get more customers, you’re in the right place.

It all starts with the right mindset and approach.

If you jump into improving your marketing and sales tactics, before you get your mindset and approach right, you’re going to end up in the same place you always have.

Below I’ve shared some of my most popular posts and resources to help you put the most important foundations in place.

Take a look, there will be lots of new content that you haven’t heard, and if you’ve heard it before, ask yourself “have I implemented it yet?”.

What makes a successful small business owner?

Whether you have zero employees or fifty, success is often a matter of personal opinion.

Many small business owners unsurprisingly want a profitable business that can support them. So financial targets are front and centre with my coaching clients, but often success is not all about financial reward.

My small business owner coaching clients primarily want personal satisfaction, such as to…

  • Do work you enjoy
  • Be the boss
  • Work flexibly
  • Better work-life balance
  • Have freedom and control
  • Having a beneficial influence on your employees, customers and community

How many in the above list have you achieved?

My posts below will help you to come unstuck and achieve satisfaction and success in your business.

Take a look at your life as a whole

Does your business give you what you want from life?

Have you forged the life you planned when you set up your business?

Have you created a desired lifestyle for the people that matter most in your life?

Often as business owners, we don’t think long or hard enough about what we want in life, or about the impact of our business on our life.

We don’t think about our small business’s impact on relationships, health, family and friends, fun and recreation, finances, the physical environment around us and personal growth.

I’ve found that many small business owners fail to get anywhere near to this way of thinking.

If we thought about those separate areas of our life, it would help us to set goals that really meant something.

Goals that would significantly improve our life if we consistently reached them.

The trouble is, many small business owners don’t create goals underpinned with the right thinking. Often, the goals are too small and often never achieved.

It’s okay though, many business owners don’t reach their goals.

But too many don’t give themselves the chance.

Not really.

The posts below will help you.

  • Show up like nobody else: How To Show Up Like No Other Small Business Owner in 2024
  • Stop losing focus: How to boost profitability with a very small number of key activities (in 2024 and beyond)
  • Could vs Should : How to make the right decisions for your small business (and get results in 2024)

Taking Action

And it comes down to one thing.

What really makes a successful business owner is taking action in the right way.

Without consistent rhythmic action, you will not get closer to real success.

These posts will help you to take the rhythmic action needed to get a consistent and predictable flow of high-paying customers.

  1. Protect your mind & time: How to protect your mind & time in 2024 (to get more done)
  2. Spend time in the garage: How to celebrate the small victories in your small business (on the way to bigger success)
  3. Ask for the sale: How to ask for the sale (and get more customers)
  4. Think like your customer: How to think like your customer (to make the selling easier in 2024)
  5. Achieve the Unachievable: How to achieve the unachievable in 2024 (and nail it like Victoria Beckham!)

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